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I Love Me some Lenny Kravitz many economists the minutes into guitar work right there Michael Pelosi in from my buddy Joe pad fear on the job back show on Black Friday or is they tried to call it in France block Friday a bunch of French Jack wagons tried to stop the entrance to a an Amazon warehouse to try and shut down the commerce because they say over consumption is killing every thing yeah just stop would you please please just stop looking at the at the bobos and that's what I call him when I don't want to curse what is the bobos on the democratic side of things you really have to wonder who they're gonna run because you ultimately can't run Biden due to the family corruption problems and this afternoon Joe Biden's campaign sent out another one of the emails begging for money and saying folks he always starts with that folks like John McCain used to say my friends Joe Biden says folks folks Donald Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of our country yeah well you as vice president were I a wizard of corruption Sir absolute wizard of corruption I'm telling you so binds the bacon for money and he says he needs it because Donald Trump has unlimited resources by the way the people donating to Donald trump's campaign the left is so fond of saying that women don't donate to don't trump's campaign women don't support Donald trump's campaign the fastest growing segment of donors to Donald trump's campaign women and they are doing it in huge numbers so I feel bad for the Democrats so I don't think Biden can really compete I don't think he's gonna be able to compete in money and in credibility especially with this hunter thing the hunter story which I will get into has some really lurid details lately on top of the money stuff because we now know that there was a whole bunch of money that hunter Biden and his company got federal guarantees for I think it was up to a hundred thirty million dollars in addition to what verismo was paying him to do nothing while he was going to strip clubs and add the as I said the lower details but I want to focus on Michael Bloomberg for just a couple of minutes Michael Bloomberg mayor of New York when we lived there just a dictator yeah he's a little dictator and he wants everybody to give up their guns but he wants to have an armed security force around him because he knows better and he's a billionaire and people want to do him harm but it doesn't matter if you you want to have a firearm protected by the constitution now you down now bad there any also really wanted to change everything he's the guy who tried to get the soda band because sugar is bad so we should tell you not to have sugar but Bloomberg said some things on the campaign trail and in front of a bunch of very rich people that he wishes he didn't say I'm sure here is talking about taxes and how important it is to tax the poor people if you are going home I'm sorry that's not Mike Bloomberg that's that's a Bernie Sanders Bloomberg to different clip Mike I'm sorry I I offended you by playing Bernie Sanders but here's something equally offensive say well taxes are regressive but in this case yes they are that's the good thing about them because the problem is in people that don't have a lot.

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