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So they're not really that bad. Well, they had the roster. If you look at the roster's, it should have been a clear cut win for Dortmund. They've been able to earn a lot of games this season. They fell behind to one, and we're not unable to turn it into something that surprise a lot of people. Don't mention really still be nine points out with with considering the early seven they should have at least drawn that. But they rebounded nicely playing. The number two team at the time in the table dot Bach to exit the first half of the season. And that was a very convincing win. So. But bright behind them fired like jump right into them. Because Dave started to normalize. They're not the same twenty thirteen twenty fourteen twenty fifteen pep Guardiola Byron side, they have definitely kind of going grand slam. Yes, they regressed ages caught up to the verion machine to their best players are now in their mid thirties. They are obviously slowing down injuries have taken their toll dos. Ke's slowed down. You know, an addition you have Thomas Miller, who's you're your you're you're do at all Swiss army knife of a player, he still very effective. But you've had you've had intercede injuries to for example, to according to Lisa that really kind of set them back because they were looking on the Frenchman slash World Cup winner to help tremendously. This year was towards ACL. I believe it was very early in the season. And you just had some some really big growing pains. But Niko Kovac coming in to replace the legendary you'll find his manager. And I think maybe watch started. Define his group. Buyer bid, have very easy Champions League group that advanced out of that with I ex to get to the round of sixteen and things will definitely get a much much tougher for Byron. When they face Liverpool, which will probably be there exit in the round of sixteen this year. Do not see them beating the reds at all. I don't think they will win in either Munich, really, not an end. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to be Liverpool's going to destroy by. Nothing less. I just don't think Byron has the guns. And I don't think that I think Liverpool is firing on all cylinders right now there different beasts in in the Champions League. We saw last season. Probably not the most talented roster yet, they advance the final there, even better. Now. This is neces- Premier League stuff. Will we're not gonna talk about. But I just think Liverpool or by far above the better side than Byron. But as pertains to the league, they're very few teams. And I I dare say Dortmund might just be tactically better than buying the season. I don't know that man for manned their rosters, necessarily better. I think that if you look at the position by position Dortmund, obviously have the much younger and better side as far as up and coming. You have Christian pulisic is probably on his way out you have Jaden Sancho who's been the absolute I mean, teenage sensation. Of the Bundesliga season. He's been nothing. Short of fantastic. Also, you have Yaacob Bernard on the other wing. He's awesome. He's under twenty Dorman have a very young talented side. Of course, Mark Royce, turning the big three oh this season still playing a very high level without a doubt. Now, the captain Dortmund's best player they stayed fairly free for most of the first half of the season. That's also been a huge key. And Rumen Burkey goal has been nothing short of band tastic. They have a very very mixed of BAC fours far as youth and experience and their midfield is absolutely fantastic. As they got Thomas Delany in addition to actual Bizos. I said before they can now rotate players like Liam vital. Mario goodson. I mean, should you still a pretty good player? Barely sees the pitch nowadays because Dorfman has such great midfield..

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