Sixers, Philips Arena, Kyrie Irving discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Stay tuned for sixty seconds of av news headlines right after this podcast civil to the bowl out the jj rennick three ball shut air ramic j j run equipment sympathy your son ilyasova paul fake move they put up and the sixers win the night at philips arena in atlanta final one twentyone one thirteen the fifteenth consecutive victory for the sixers he longest winning streak in sixers franchise history tom mcginnis with the call i want it again i want it noted when kyrie irving went out i said that open the door for the sixers i want it noted the sixers not the cavs not the toronto raptors the sixers i am trusting the process they have hit the win it now button man an mba gonna come back and it's going to be the spring of philadelphia it's the it's the city of champions right now city of champions right now i know you're saying making that noise fifteen wins in a row man fifteen one five and they could wind up being the three seed depending on what happens tonight taking on the walkie this evening this is exciting stuff donovan mitchell trolling a bit on ben simmons pretty great wearing a hoodie with the definition of rookie on it describing that that what that means is yeah is somebody who's playing their first professional season and pick up i in that i already great their first years we all know ben simmons sat out last year due to injury.

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