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So take us on a bit of a journey on in regards in regards that kind of diagnosis in that situation as you get their relative to your experience it was just you but you kinda talk. It's almost like a rock bottom where you had to hit a certain point and as you mentioned there's people along the way as a parent right both of us. What's the one thing we in addition to try and help build up and help out create and help empower our kids? There's a part of it wants to protect them. We're kind of helped them from having to kind of maybe make that mistake or help alleviate some of that so when you see somebody suffering. You're almost how was there anything anybody could have said to you before hand? Do you think to kind of maybe he would have been that thing. That would have put you over or does it have to discount tickets natural course you just kind of because because there was a part of it. I don't WanNa make it formulaic. I don't WanNa go well if I just had said or if my friend had said this or else you don't WanNa make get so simplistic because I think it's complicated. But maybe speak a little bit to how in those that are in the mix it if somebody is in the middle of that and they know it. How would you deal with your old self in the midst of that before you make that step? I would have went and got a immediately as soon as I started recognizing mind that thing that I thought was leaving that I had problems so I ended do not believe that on struggling it numerous times throughout our conversation right now or I felt like that with me and that to be I had people tell me like you need to go and I just blew off. I wish that I would have listened to him to be honest because they're they're the outside looking in or I'm inside looking out so I may not see what they had seen One of the first I signed in reference to the link into you talked about it In South Carolina and my daughter was a week old and there was a young male and I regret it because I don't know what I did is like what would I react to hold that I reacted but but I do regret it He I had my my daughter and my wife with me. We didn't have my son yet. My daughter was only two weeks old and she was in fact part of the car. We had a rural small toward or Saturn. I on you remember those and he was driving you know a good sides. Range Rover SUV. And what they see with the hours. Doing seventy five and he.

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