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Carlton and Bob you are next on the show good morning good morning Frank great to have you with the serve if you do it I'm doing fine have a question it should have been asked Gretchen Whitmer long time ago right in the very beginning in March we heard from two governors we heard from calm on national news what we heard from our own governor here on the local news there is a national governors association their governor biggest complaint was they were short on PP equipment in some center that was they were having to bid against each other and against the government got against the government right to to get those supplies it was it went to the highest bidder was is a free market situation and that that route a lot of people up all right so is the national governors association yes the assistant director of the national governors association is I I really hate to admit I don't know like it's Andrew Cuomo really yes it was on the executive committee of the national governors association with that be our dear governor you got it yeah the the older the motor voter right why in the beginning did they not have there's an association joined together all our monies from their respective states even those who may not have been experiencing them real bad case at the time take this money music library did provide the equipment that they want so badly needed and then disperse it according to need yeah well instead they they just wanted it flat out in a handout from the federal government they were laying it all on the feds and you know what for the most part the feds came through with all those ventilators and PP even the mask that the people needed they came through for the most part and you can criticize them for being a little late but you know they they didn't show up that's the that's the bottom line right there and you know meantime in Michigan we were building we're building these giant new hospital facilities to keep CTC F. center and that suburban collection showplace and and we used to work two dozen beds total in the two places that had room for about two thousand one point it's it's to just the over reacted to it in in some ways and you know if you talk to the families of those who lost their lives we under reacted but it's a tough call isn't indeed Bob Pritchett the call took a temperance temper trucker Tim is a you well it's not for closure on call for any cancer soldiers terribly confused three points to make for you this morning Sir all right go ahead one of the times you don't capacity for them number one nobody's talking about quality of life issues in this whole debate I don't care what side of the island but I but for example when I was growing up my great grandmother magna legal lance who are migrated AS one of charm twenty six children from what is now close to Dresden Germany we could afford to put her in a place called the beach home in mineral right and you would open the doors and the stench from you so I certainly will never spend any time in a nursing home in for example the other day actually we had a guy go off the high level bridge and landed on the water spread eagle so he knew what he was doing right yeah number two they say all politics search local yep it's been my experience in business since I've been self employed since nineteen seventy two a lot quicker to start at the bottom here were down and start at the bottom and work your way up you know you have many more people do work their way down and not up you're absolutely right there's no you know that's the thing about business so and and it's the it's a wonderful thing about it is well Tim is is you can determine your own outcome by how hard you work by the ideas you have the you know just.

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