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Department health Human Services and the state emergency operations center officials are hopeful they'll be able to test two thousand fuel by the end of the weekend the state National Guard also operating a free drive thru test site in flint at the Shiloh missionary Baptist church that will end tomorrow does it take to Connie slowly re opens Macomb county executive mark Hackel says those businesses still waiting want to know what it will look like for them the farmers the restaurants the the gyms are looking for that that same I guess if you will criteria so they have an idea are we trending in that direction for that final approval to say you can open tackle says businesses are willing to comply but they also need to know what they can expect when it's time to re open northern Michigan businesses and tourist attractions slowly turning the dial and re opening this Memorial Day weekend for short's brewery in Bel Air CEO Scott Newman bale says they are re opening their pub will be opening their facility not rapids that supplies retails bars and restaurants obviously first thing is yes we okay enough yeah so it is back to the public but at the same time as we also have to just a production site to to meet the needs of a whole host of all the other people as well so it's it's it's definitely a lot of work for this weekend bill says they're taking the social distancing and face mask guy lines seriously I mean every day news time eleven thirty four in New Jersey one church was back open today following president trump Dinning religious institutions essential however governor New Jersey skews me New Jersey governor Phil Murphy sounds better says churches in the light can have ten people inside at one time but at this church they did not care and a hundred people showed up can the county public safety officers were at the church installing cameras to monitor the situation from the command center they said they had no plans to shut service down a spokesperson for the governor's office tells me re opening places of worship is under consideration at the Jersey move toward phase two of re opening the spokesperson had no comment on the lawsuit they should Dennis Sullivan of the diocese of Camden posted a statement recently saying in part the suspension the masses was just and necessary during this pandemic back in Berlin some worshippers we spoke with are glad to be back in the pews I'm.

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