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It down to a an ownership that is just just inefficient and out of it stat or just bad it at what it's meant to be doing or is there more to there's been bad luck. It'd be a combination of things. Why why is why we always talk about the browns failing again and having to chase? It's a good point. Maybe it's a tradition. You could call it the curse of art modell you know. Everybody keeps arguing art. Modell should be in the hall of fame and some of US point out. He fired two of the four greatest coaches in. NFL history. In Paul Brown and Bill Belichick also fired Mater Schottenheimer. Hey you know so but in this situation has lem ms unpredictable but you can argue that for the last couple of years. He stayed out of the out of the same kind of an analogy with Dan. Snyder there But they gave up on Sachet. Sachet Brown did did what everyone this year was calling. Tank basically trading star players players for future draft picks. They gave up on him at the point where he accumulated quite a bit of talent and draft picks. And Dorsey did. I thought a pretty good job on paper of assembling on paper a roster that could compete then. The question is keeping Freddie Kitchens as head coach. Was that a mistake. Stake was that Dorsey is mistake. Was it has mistake. It was hard to go away from because he had had that success. But you could argue that that the you know he was still only an offensive coach. Gregg Williams was was running the defense and they really couldn't keep Greg Williams because he who's expecting to be a head coach with them. I think I think he thought he should be the head coach and Freddie should have been his offensive coordinator. So maybe maybe that got out of hand for Dorsey but I think I honestly think that the reason doors he's gone is that has LEM has a. AGM coach package in mind right. I'm not sure I'm not. You know there could be personal issues involved. They could. They could be saying well. Why did you bring in Odell Beckham when he was going to create create problems or not being not be the Odell Beckham and he was in New York would actually? He is the Odell Beckham he was in New York. And no one paid attention You know that's that's really hard to put your finger on But Dorsey now been fired twice in three years which is interesting for for guys supposed to be a great judge of talent. Let's talk me Daniels. Then we'll move on to other countries so I guess specifically with him because we had the situation situation if he is back with the Colts Gig didn't there he's always a coordinator or often a coordinator that when Bacon sees a pair his name is this alliance to it either by found speculation or more than that an inevitably is going to be a head coach. And as you suggested might the Patriots Succession Plan makes a lot of sense. But let's say that doesn't happen right. Let's save whatever reason better cars on and on and on and Donald's gets fed up with that so much is being talked about him wanting. See to walk into the right situation so is that what are the things that make up a good situation. You talked about talent on the field. That's obviously something. I guess the lack of interference from artery is another. What else do you think for an elite coordinator? Lightning Dynasty can probably have to give the gigs. What does it? He's looking for. Well those those things plus s you know a a good relationship with the general manager. You don't want to walk into a situation where you're the bill parcells quote. You're you're given the ingredients and told to make dinner you ought to have you want to have some say in what the ingredients are. And I think that's that's kind of the kind kind of the trio of of reasons. Some guys may have family reasons to want to be in one place or another by. The good weather was hired. Your you know your kids and so those families that kind of but that usually doesn't factor in I think is as much as as it probably ought to for a lot of a lot of coaches in the interesting thing gobbling. That's the big on. Yeah and interesting thing in New England is you know if mcdaniels leaves and Caserio leaves Nobel. A chick is pretty much alone you know. He's been his own defensive coordinator this year and you know although they've been statistically the you know the best defensive team in the League for most of the season season Last week did did the overall standings. Yeah it's been a problem. I think adjusting and at his age age. I don't know if bill's GONNA WANNA continue on. He may have a plan in mind. You know and finally rather than keep promoting young coaches. You might be upbringing. He had some veterans got back together. Yeah Yeah Cordell back. Well Yeah you know you look at Bret Bielema this year coming in the former college head coach. But I'm not. I'D BE WARY OF CLEVELAND. Were AIA Josh mcdaniels But on the other hand if you're getting your general manager and the coat you've got promises from the owner to stay out. You know the only problem in Cleveland is that I don't think you're GONNA be like Miami in sort of a three year building plan or Oakland or whatever you're not going to have that that freedom. They're probably going to be after the first season. You know a lot of a lot of clamor. If you don't do relatively well you'll be expected to do relatively well for sees with a tough a tough division G. Good Point and the president is there as established that you get this much time in. Cleveland is elsewhere As well all right. Let's move on to mention down to the Washington redskins who have caused Took care of business for anyone else. This season getting rid of Jay Gruden during the season. They've had instrument situation that they have now re upped and gone to run Rivera who is he's GT's from this end of the season because it goes riverboat. Run at Bruce. Allen is gone as well that president at Rivera aid and he's already moved quickly in terms of cussing dolphin and brought Jack del Rio in as well so already things looking much more secure for the Redskins Sutton in terms of getting stuff done early on. What do you make of where they've would rivera and Rivera Bringing del Rio and again? Applying that to this redskins roster at another fair amount of change will happen from now to next season but the nucleus of have that Haskins and McClure in. What do you make of what the full five days it's going to be? That's going to be an interesting testing one. A partially to see who replaces Bruce Allin. Because he's forced out over the last couple years a couple of pretty good personnel guys. And he's he's been the guy who makes all the decisions and their roster has has been over over the past almost decade. I think one with a lot of talent but no depth. They've been incredibly vulnerable to injuries. They've made some bad decisions at key. Positions not not not least of which the whole kirk cousins What would you call it soap opera over a number of years they kept pinch izing about making up your mind minded to what you want to do with him? So I think they'll be celebrations that Bruce Allen has gone just you know look at look at what he did with with the with Williams this year you know their best player basically and he doesn't play because they're feuding over his. You know his medical treatment and money and they wouldn't sort sort out either so with causes that might can you wretch speights. And I'm I think a bigger cousin support to than others. Maybe what part part seven. It causes apologised but not a detraction the way that many people are equally. Blame them for what we cousins ease. I think yeah I think the point was I'm not blaming them for keeping them or or not keeping him. The point is that you didn't make a decision hitting costing he wound up costing them more or money by by franchise him that he would have if they signed him to a long term contract and is simply you know you have to. You have to decide is he are guy or isn't it. Do we want to build a team around him or do we. Not If you don't then you get rid of him and you bring in someone you do you know and that was. That was the core of the problem album. Were they a better team with with Alex. Smith quarterback potentially could fit for Jay Gruden. But it didn't work out that way when so you know while he was healthy are they going to be a better team with Haskins his haskins going to start. If Alex Smith comes back healthy which he says he's going to this this year. That's you know that's going to be it's going to be a serious question for them And can they bring the neighboring Trek Trek Williams back or is he just going to be at this point. Just GonNa quit. Rivera is a good player coach. You know a good coach for players. There's a guy players playing for del. Rio was the same way I think defensively the they'll be on the same page more or less so you know we'll see who they bring in as coordinator I keep thinking nor of Click show up as their coordinator. norv of course was a head coach in Washington but The Dan Snyder let go. You know he keeps leading coaches go. Who Do better than the coaches who follow them? which is an interesting starting with Marty? Schottenheimer going back to him again. And then and then nor you know and you know. Be careful of what you wish for because you might get it. That's kind of Dan Snyder's motto Mati. You mentioned vetos. It tough breaks. Hasn't really he got. He was fired by the charges. Pressed charges was the worst one he had. What was it? A Ford worked thirteen and three seasons. Yet what is yeah. Yeah yeah loses in the playoffs in a game that he should have won. It wasn't his fault that that the his they get an interception and then turn it back to the Patriots. A bad reason to be fired south breaks about the chargers are our guests are not in this right that yes Ann Arbor station. Although Philip Rivers may be gone which is very interesting. Yeah with so surprised. That Avenue Anthony Hill is one of those coaches that Adam Gates at the jets as well. There was speculation. Despite the fact they'd given him the virtue of dread advisor confidence during the season the front office that The ownership. I should say that the case might be going. There's a couple of gays VIC Fangio. Dan Quinn their their second-half coaches they. They've had a good second half of the season which gives enough reason to keep them in management's mind in Fangio's case you know now you found who's the guy who's he's probably GonNa be your quarterback of the future in drew lock. So so that's a reason Quinn was actually fun for a few weeks watching him on the sidelines because he'd obviously relaxed just decided to go with it. Probably figuring that you know there was nothing he could lose at that point. So he's he's going to be back gazed first year coach. You first year coach will always get rehired if if he fits that pattern of having a bad first half and a good second half right is they're saying okay. There was the adjustment period You know there's an old thing if you go eight. No and then go. Oh innate. You're going to get fired but if you go eight and go eight eight. No you're going to get catch tape in both cases your team when eight. It's like but it's the way it goes Lynn..

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