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We don't know who won that we do know that when people vote they deserve to have their votes candidate. If they can. So we ought to just respect the process. What's going on disgrace, go down and see what happened over the last thirty time ten years? Look at Broward County, take a look at the total dishonesty of what happened with respect to Broward County. State of the union. I'm Jake tapper two presidents to Florida recounts two very different tones. Let's dive right in and talk about with our panel congresswoman, I'll start with you President Trump going full-throatedly against what's going on in Florida. You saw the difference with President Clinton who that was the presidential one. And it was his vice president who was on the ballot there. What's your tick? Well, he ought to have proof for when he says that seems to be something that's been thrown out the window. But if you're going to say something is there's criminal behavior or there's unethical behavior or there's corruption to have profe- doesn't have any proof of that look, and I seen your guests at we're on just a little bit ago every vote oughta count. That's what matters getting to the truth. Whether it's an investigation. Whether it's vote recounts, whatever it is just getting to the truth matters. We talked a little bit ago. I'm a farmer journalist. I'm a former investigative journalist. And what always guided us in journalism, and I don't believe this. Journalists are the enemy of the people. I believe there. Essential to our democracy. But getting to the truth is what should matter we should count every vote, and we ought to have every attempt to do that. And we should note also the election officials in Florida, Broward County and Palm Beach county should be transparent with the process and open up these rooms to the journalists down there, Florida has excellent local journalists, and that's part of this process as well. Big thing. Look, I mean, we we have we know that they have violated the law court came down and said that pump Palm Beach county violated the terms of transparency and in terms of when they filed the votes. Well, that's sort of important. I mean, it's, but I'm just saying it's not fraudulent votes, but where does fraud happen? It happens when people aren't watching, and there is no transparency and people aren't following procedures procedures are in place to stop fraud. They are not following procedures. Therefore, and they're keeping it. There's no transparency that raises a big concern that there might be fraud going on because if there wasn't why wouldn't you be transparent? And why wouldn't you follow the law Senator Turner year from a state where people have alleged? Voter fraud against Republicans. I'm old enough to remember the two thousand four presidential race where people made all sorts of allegations against the Bush campaign in Ohio without any evidence without any proof just based on a lot of suspicion. Well, I mean, listen, if if they broke the rules, the court said that they broke the rules in Palm Beach, and they should be held accountable for that. But we can't complete these two different things between elections officials not doing their job and actually saying that there is voter fraud going on in state, Florida has a problem and has had a problem for a very long time. The federal government should step in and the help America vote act. There was funding. They are a lot of states are undefended in terms of their voting apparatus. And we need to have a better commitment as a nation towards making sure that every state has what it needs to have the apparatus, but count every vote and let the chips fall where they may. So the president's railing against what's going on in Florida was part of a very aggressive week by the president in which he went after a whole bunch of American institutions. House oversight journalists, elections officials, etc..

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