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And because they have to protect aid through luck wonki back in there pat's protect you become a huge thing in uh in this week and that ended up being a big part white some of these guys get run and some of them don't and i think you know a lot of fans will uh you know what the highlight can see some electrifying run by uh some running back uh but if the guy doesn't path protac in the way to is now as a passing league that guy is just not going to see the field and i think that as much of anything is what kept a guy like frank or yeah i mean it looks it twenty right it doesn't matter nation now right my 10yearold son is like oh frank or is it like a while the guy in a league and like my see he's like you like up fifty eight speed and mounted like wow i go you know he that's a little slow could end up being a hall of famer like you know i i don't know i'm sitting there defending frank war but i i just think that there's more to the game now then uh just what the stats are running out of the backfield might think when you look at a guy like marlon mack i mean and his twenty forty art i'm i'm not sure they're going to get that much more out of somebody like that and what to downgrade could be with the you know what they would lose impact protection uh i'm not sure that the franchises with franchise quarterback are willing to do that i think when you look at the jets and the probably uh i don't care if those guys get killed back their research poor josh mccown but uh you know i i think the time for the change from four table while powell guy is definitely upon us um but can you sometimes wonder why somebody seemed even ring in each bettering right uh i think it's casebycase trade trade map forte field jets for crying out loud so i'm looking at some of the the rankings that are out there from the fantasy little roddy and i'm curious where you have both drew brees and.

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