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But she she sassed everyone she it would still work. But honestly, I don't no one can replace Reese Witherspoon know it comes down to like Reese's like Alec. I do have a question. So those were the actresses considered back then he could you think of anyone now that if you were to recast the role of Elle Woods, who would you recast it? Like who would you pass it or with? It's a great question great. Great question. This is a hard question. I don't even know. I think I think my immediate thought is that like there aren't as many like rom-coms and like I guess this isn't really a rom-com but like Grace weather's been starting a lot of rom-coms and then just aren't as many films like this. And so there aren't as many like young actresses doing stuff like this. I guess I guess it'd have to be they'd have to be like kind of of College I have a real I have a really like add a left field one. Okay, like just just like could I mean could Emma Stone do this? I mean, okay. She's a little older now. Obviously, she's like thirty so maybe like like easy am a stone would knock it out of park. Yeah. Yeah for sure. I'm thinking of like young Emma Stone. Yeah, he could have done something really good role. I feel oh God, she would have definitely brought in a different character, but it would have worked really well. I think what you need to do with this movie is you need to take off one who is on the Disney Channel and it's going to be like their breakout role like this ticket, you know, I think Debby Ryan comes to mind like, I don't know if you've seen insatiable. I mean the other like one from a Disney Channel that might work but the only problem is I can't see is a blonde is Selena Gomez. Yeah, the blond won't work, but the blonde won't work but like specially and and now Selena gome is different from like Wizards of Waverly Place Selena Gomez. Yeah. Yeah could now Selena Gomez like could she do the role? You know what I just thought of like the one of the perfect people I could play. I don't know Pig. Soft blonde lead an Easter. He plays, you know, do you know who that is? Yeah vaguely bigger. So yeah. She she plays she plays the most like sassy girl character on Gossip Girl, but she's like so confident and like super like, oh I can do anything. So I think she'd play the role really. Well, it's just she'd have a lot of sass in it and very wrong shade, but I think that she could play the role very well. It's just came to my mind because she stars in a movie with Selena Gomez back in 2011 called Monte Carlo another trash movie. I loved actually not that bad. It's not that bad. It's it's pretty good and it's sort of like, I love I love watching. It's one of my my sister's favorite so it's great. But when you brought up Selena Gomez, I'm like, yeah, but I think we didn't Easter could do better and now that I'm now I brought that up. I just keep thinking about Sharpay Evans from High School Musical Ashley, Tisdale. Yep. Could maybe pull it up to I think she's like forty now those actually work it could wear since she like super old..

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