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Seventy-five. Carol durant escaped from Bundy. When he tried to abduct her the information, she gave police led to his arrest. At, trial, Bundy elected to serve as his own attorney and he became a frequent visitor of the law librarian the courthouse during one visit to the library Bundy notice the guard was turned away from him. So he slipped out a window and hit the ground running. Bundy was on the run for nearly a week before he was apprehended. Returned to prison he flashed his signature grin for the cameras and reporters crowded around him. He cracked jokes downplaying his escape. He told them honest to God. I just got sick and tired of being locked up. For the next five and a half months Ted languished in prison awaiting is murder trial, but he had no intention of setting foot in court. With a twenty five pound head start after his escape he continued to starve himself until he was thin enough to fit through an opening in the ceiling of a cell where like fixture hadn't yet been installed. In the early hours of December thirty, first one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, ted made his move at less than one hundred, forty pounds. He lifted himself through the hole in his ceiling and crawl through the air shafts into the guards apartment located above his cell from bear he dropped into the room and stole a set of clothes. Then he walked out the front door. Ted Bundy America's most prolific serial killer escaped for the second time and slipped into the winter nice. In that clip from serial killers. Ted Bundy walked out the front door prison after his second prison break this time Monday did not let his freedom go to waste keep traveled to Florida and just one week after his arrival. He entered the Sorority House of Kyle Mega at Florida state. University. Bundy killed two women and sexually assaulted to others in just under fifteen minutes. Less than a month later, Bundy struck again killing twelve year old girl. Four days later Bundy was apprehended stood trial in Nineteen, seventy nine for the Chi Omega. and was sentenced to death. Bundy managed to free himself without anyone else's help. But our final clip covers an entire group breaking free with the help from someone outside of the prison walls. This clip comes from podcast original crimes of passion that Discusses Notorious Bank robbers, and murderers, Bonnie and Clyde. When nineteen year old Bonnie. Parker, I twenty, one year old Clyde Barrow Clyde had already gained a reputation as a petty thief and Carjacker Bonnie and Clyde's love flourished quickly. But only three months after they met Clyde was sent to prison. Monty had never committed a crime before, but she did not hesitate when Clyde asked her to retrieve a gun and smuggled into the prison. This marked a turning point in their relationship for the first time Bonnie Parker officially broke the law to help her lover not only was this more than she would ever do for Roy and now linked her to Clyde in the eyes of the law in the same way they were linked emotionally. The success of the escape exhilarating Bonnie it ignited her adventurous side, a type of adrenaline that begged Bonnie to listen to it to follow it to feel that way again. She talked ceaselessly about Clyde how they would run away together. He wasn't really all bad. The system had doctored. Him forced him to lash out and he got unlucky here and there was all he could go straight. They would live in the woods with just their love and birdsongs as company. Whether Bonnie truly believed. Clyde. was capable of reform is up for debate. But from this point forward, something about the adventure of running from the law called to Bonnie. and. She would do little to resist in the years to come. After several days on the run Clyde Wired Bonnie from Illinois. He was. All right. He had to keep moving for some time whenever the coast was clear. He'd come for her she done. Well, he loved her Bonnie smiled at the praise, but her smile wouldn't last long. Only a week after escaping on March Eighteenth nineteen, thirty Clyde was caught again and Middleton Ohio. He was transferred back to McLennan county jail in Texas sentenced to fourteen years in prison. In that clip from crimes of Passion Bonnie Parker slipped a gun to her incarcerated lover Clyde Barrow who used it to break out of prison Clyde recaptured. But despite his fourteen year sentence, he was released only two years later. Bonnie and Clyde along with members of the barrel k then went on a two year spree murdering and robbing banks across several southern states and when Clyde or other members of the gang were arrested. They helped spring each other out again and again. Today. We heard about three different prison breaks in Gone Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin spent months loosening the air vents in their cells and crafting lifeboats from raincoats to make their successful escape from Alcatraz never to be seen again. In. Serial killers. Ted Bundy I slipped out of a courthouse law library window then on the close of a guard in order to run away. And in crimes of Passion Bonnie, Parker committed her first crime by smuggling a gun into prison to help free her new lover Clyde Barrow. Like. The research suggests all of the prison escapees were male and fairly young with thirty five year. Old Frank Morris being the oldest person featured in our clips today. Accomplices were also nearly always employed. It took all three of the Alcatraz escapees to break out and Clyde assisted not only by Bonnie but to other inmates only Ted Bundy was able to slip away.

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