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One. What are you feeling today that did you respond responding to start to go. Oh actually how i'm feeling and actually i've given up go you mentioned about it and actually like using cnet feeding thing more people i work with and stuff and i do notice the difference is a lot more war not that it was it was professional but we're not not someone quite closely. Watching the the laws are really warm smiling face when we say hello to chat about how things are and nothing truly changing the dynamic of within on taking literal cutler seconds to ask those feelings about name and how they win and it's made a massive massive difference. Yeah i know 'cause readout without exciting. We were you you say how you felt uncomfortable. I think that's because we do get to different levels of that. So the more you ask that question in the more comfortable or the different levels go to about addressing it was facing. You'll run famous as well because i want to tell you something that you weren't expecting that helps you to deal with that. So you get into people help. People feel because actually when you think about human bodies shall we feel about stuff. People aren't very logical but actually assist emotion that comes first and then you logical kicks so you experience it but people who are trying to hide suppress it whatever that fading question people don't like to use a mouse walks to stunt what's gonna come out of this conversation but it may be that the reveals something reveals oughta behaviors gone on the lack working gauge with the lack of happiness and they actually all maybe you were to lead to complete namib wide resource and be better threats. He's just telling somebody and yes it can be difficult. I've actually saved their die for them or save that week because they're not being demons on really difficult and i think that's a lot of stuff that we digest in businesses that we don't take that time out. It won't just five minutes. It might turn into an offer now analysis compensation. I'll tell you though that our our properly listening to someone you know if they've got potential. The thing going on is is like a lie with l. Remember that comes asian and you say you sound is people that come around to nasdaq. You can see the effect of that because you say house joe uh-huh to at because of the conversation between now. I still think i really care about them when i talked to someone i'm gonna give you all the care. I want you to have a great outcome. You know i'm not going to have a lot of buffalo you a number to me your person alive. I don't want us to win that live so engaged with it. That's why won't view if that is. That's what you want them. We all kind of what to get them. We're going to have a great outcome and that's going to give you go back to the happy engage with your lifetime with your career. I believe everything comes from how we happen. Engage their life. If i'm not having touchable lifelock out of work on what you do to me well you can give me give me free ice cream. Eh me bowling alleys you putting on talking about give me <hes>. Give me the snack fan. You've told your snack if not tells us something for a future episode yet but that'd be that's a happening guys to tell you. That is a great store. <hes> it doesn't matter what you offer me anytime. You can have all that stuff even more money. If i'm not happy to engage with my life is going to have an impact and have an impact a massive in pets inside so you actually listen to you or some of the spicer release indecent younger wanted the best view all times maxim message if it's if if you can we got so.

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