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Paul Barack is charged in the death of Margaret Lay high. She was leaving a holiday party. It's ST Michael's School for ST Michael's School. Another teacher, Elizabeth Kostic, was injured. Eric has since retired from the school. Leo's family is still awaiting a trial and says Barack should confess he's pleaded not guilty. Now, with WGN sports. Here's David. Good morning. It was 39 years ago last month of the Cubs stunned the city by hiring Harry Carey. And now the Sox, who already have one former Cubs announcer Steve Stone in their TV booth or adding another their radio booth Len KASPER, leaving the Cubs after calling their games on TV since 05. Become the voice of the socks on radio. According to the athletic, there was no dispute between KASPER and Marquee Sports Network. But he's hoped to call the world Sirisanont per to nitty that local announcers only have on radio Fox Sports Chris Myers being reported his Casper's likely successor, no hard feelings. Everybody gets it. That's the word from bears coach Man Nagy, who was rough on his defense and public comments earlier this week. Our defense those when we talk through this stuff, We talk as a team how important they are to how we're built and what they mean to us and how they get stuff started. And so when we go out there on the field, we expect to three and out. It's not a three and out. We expect the punt. That's just who we are. And when that doesn't happen, you know it digs us in a hole. We'll talk about it with Dan Hampton at 7 48 College Hoops third rank Iowa over Western Illinois 99 58 in the Bulls of announced they'll play four preseason games, too at home late next week, but we'll have no fans of the United Center with the season starts later this month. David it w.

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