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That will make them better leaders and bitter servants and so i really thought that that's that's import i don't want just the unconscious stuff on what the what can you purposely do so the whole book is set up for you to have confidence that you can do this but one note about confidence that the people were loving in the preview of this book is that what we found at the base if we if we keep digging down into why highperformers we're confident in kept digging down get taken out what makes me confident digging down dna yes competence not having some expertise absolutely yes community having some influence around yes knowing how to be productive and using your mind to keep your energy and staying clear all those things which are all great but at the base if we kept going down taken down digging down underneath all of confidence is usually curiosity did they were so curious about something that they would sort of learn about it step into the unknown try test and they're curious as they were testing even if they failed they were resilient because they were curious enough to ask why did i fail the next sure yossi caused the next action of learning that curosity caused the next action of learning and certainly enough curiosity action learning led the competence of competence led to that confidence competence loop and also they felt better so i tell people is like if you're a curious human being about you being better in your relationships he career your family your health them read the book because this book i know it's not the end all be all highperformance even talk about in there that look research in this area is really emerging and i'm happy to be part of that pioneering conversation about it.

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