Joe Biden, Vice President, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Time. It's eight o'clock on Colorado's Morning news, April, says Bond shut Clark with you filling in for Marty Bach's 31 pinpoint whether currently 48 degrees on her way to a high in the mid eighties today. Toast to the record for a record heat Today and tomorrow will stay in the eighties. Until Sunday. Our top story on Colorado's Morning news. The change in the format for next week's presidential debate may have more drastic consequences. The commission overseeing the town hall style event says it will move to a virtual affair out of an abundance of caution. Despite his own current battle with corner virus. President Trump says that's a non starter. I heard that the commission a little while ago changed the debate style. I didn't and that's not acceptable to US President talk to Fox business The Trump campaign's planning a rally instead, Joe Biden has responded, saying he doesn't know what the president's going to do it because he changes his mind every second. The one and only VP debate is in the books the ongoing Corona virus pandemic dominating the 2020 race for the White House, and we certainly saw it in the spotlight last night. Kamilla Harris says The Trump Administration knew a lot about Corona virus before taking action on January 28th, the vice president and the president, more informed. About the nature of this panda. They were informed that it's lethal, in consequence that it is airborne. That it will affect young people. Vice President Mike Pence slammed Joe Biden for having similar ideas about how to handle the pandemic when I look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating the PP developing a vaccine. Um, it looks a little bit like plagiarism, which is something Joe Biden knows a little bit about. He went on to say the Trump administration handled the pandemic by trusting the American people to do the right thing when it comes to their health. And while there was much more subdued tone over last night's last week's presidential, But both candidates were still evasive over some of the issues, has not answering what he'd like to see in terms of abortion laws of Roe v. Wade has overturned Kamala Harris, not talking about whether he she thinks there should be more justices on the Supreme Court. Neither candidate wanted to talk about what provision should be in place to in case the president becomes incapacitated. Those air all vital questions on you can tell how sensitive they were, by virtue of the fact that the candidates didn't want to answer them. That's ABC political director recline on Capitol Hill. Negotiations over another round of stimulus for Americans is stalled. President Trump took it off the table earlier this week and then walk that back, saying he'd accept legislation on small packages. Colorado Congressman Jason Crow told Kono is radio talks need to continue the crisis for our families for our businesses for our economy. We need to be at the table talking. So that's the first step. You need to come back to the table to actually negotiate something that works for everybody process. Piecemeal solutions. Don't help everyone afire Update Now some good news on the Cameron Peak Fire front as some evacuation orders in Glacier view have gone from mandatory to voluntary, so some people are getting back in their homes about some of the other evacuation areas were having more conversations about.

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