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Two hundred twenty one dollars. Now my favorite player growing up. Dave Winfield not Winfield. One one left is from the homerun era. And then one is from an old timer. We'd none of us saw him play. No one saw him play. In fact. All games were played in private. It was one of those things like with the bills, don't let the media watch his team did not let the media watch. Are these guys like big time like do they well into the top ten fifteen home run guys. Yes. Where's Manny Ramirez? Manny Ramirez, right. Okay. All right. Good. Nice job. All right. And the other one old timer. Hall of Famer while you wanna can you give us a hint? Did not just do that, while Jimmy timely me FOX. Right. Right. Gaffey up good job, anytime. It's like a really old guy just just guest Jimmie Foxx. Member. Tough room. Very good. Yoursel. Welcome guys know bunkerville. You feel about Tom terrific being taken by Tom Brady is a nickname home on what do you need it for right? What we're talking about a trademark. Yeah. Okay. So tell me, I honestly, like I've seen some stuff come across my timeline today. What is what's the story? He's applied for a trademark of the name Thom, terrific. And apparently Tom Seaver never trademarked it. So, you know, he wants he wants that for marketing purposes to put it on visors. I don't know what the hell he wants to do with it, but he wants it. And so, like, why would you how how well do you have to have it? If you're Tom Brady like you have to have this. We can't can't you just. You're Tom Brady. And you just this. And then there becomes this hubbub about it because of Tom Seaver. Don't you just go a hey me my bed? I didn't realize I didn't know Tom Seaver head that I'm cool. I'll do something else for mess NY Mets fans that are upset about Tom Brady attempting to trademark. Tom terrific have planned a rally for Wednesday where they will throw Brady memorabilia into. Garbage bags filled with beans. I like it. Sweet. Where the last line is just a game changer like that filled with beans at the end of that. That's where that ends being the significance of the beans. Exactly. Being Boston Beantown that. Okay. All right. Maybe not. Maybe it's just they had a lot of beans. Cool beans, still something like that. I said. Wow knows. Well, it is something here. Here's my ask, because you just said beans, and today, you guys might even have sound of this, actually. Joe can find it. I walk up Mitch. Moore says doing like a little media, scrum. I'm done with Colby's Lee, and we all see some people with Mitch Morris and he's already been talking probably for about two minutes. I'm like, all right, better get over there, because he's probably answered some questions, I'm gonna want to react to them. So I walked over there, and I literally said to him, he mentioned, I'm really sorry. I just walked over here. And he goes cool beans. Parallel question. He was already asked about which was his injury, obviously. But I just washed over here. I'm really sorry. I'm gonna react. That's cool beans. He said Boomer Esiason on Tom Brady attempting to trademark Tom terrific. I am disgusted. Just feel sleep. Oh man. Disgusted is very strong. Like by that. Wow. That's wrong remarks. All right. So thanks again. All right. Guys have cell Kabbage on the western hotline his appearance on the station. Sponsored by New York's only outlet liquor when you need to stock up. It's the place to buy a case. What's your outlet? Have you ever heard anyone? Call Tom Brady. Tom terrific new like in a broadcast or something, or just no verge you have to hang out. But I've just never even heard him call that. No me either. Which makes the whole thing all the more odd to me. Keith olbermann. This says something boomer with whom I have never agreed is right about this. Why do people have to tell like they just can't let you can't just agree with you? I just want you to know I don't agree with you very often. But this time I do they're so interested in you that they have to put it like that. I'm Tom terrific. Just go like, but totally Tom great. Totally. Some mouse, whatever you wanted to be alliterative. Glad tease word yet. Wrong with you. Honky tonk in Tom. Okay, another Steelers do something. Honesty. What money is he worth? He could hire someone pay a million dollars. Come up with a better thing than Tom terrific. Here's a million dollars. You're fired. Thanks. What are you doing?.

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