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Plot for city, North Dakota these days and one thing they need because they're building new schools all the time. Elementary school under construction right now. Brand new high school. It's absolutely beautiful and incredible growth. That's happening a lot for city. So if you're a teacher interested in making a move, they'll absolutely love it. I fact I met the principal at the elementary school, and I said, how long you lived here. She said about, I think she said seven years. Where'd you come from California? That's pretty wasn't Ohio. I can't remember but she came a long ways away, and, and I said, how you like it? Absolutely love it. So, you know, you're looking for maybe a teacher of the family wanna give them a little bit closer into one of the beautiful places of North Dakota. Right there at the north unit of the teddy Roosevelt park and all the beautiful surroundings of city. And of course, an incredible amount of commerce MacKenzie county MacKenzie county alone. Is the largest producing boiling gas county in America. Think about that. On believable and is right. We're number one has a state in the number two rathers state, but we're number one Kinsey county. Find out more good folks here in Waterford city and you can. Give them a check. Give them a call. Of course, the school district, just, Google, it became Z county schools. Got your find and all those great school opportunities. All right. Let's finish our conversation now with Don Hammett. She's a director of the Eisenhower presidential library museum. If you build it, will they come? That's the question about the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum celebrating down there. The commanding general DIA was none other than to white d is our and she told us all about everything happening there now on a little bit about what's happening. She told us that, you know a being along I seventy helps a lot. So tell us more about that. How many people your museum attract on? I think having the location near the interstate is, is incredibly smart. Most of our traffic comes from people stop off of I seventy in, and we, we really utilize the I seventy corridor as a marketing tool to entice people to get off the interstate and come visit us I visited is around two hundred thousand a year that is for everything that we do. That's all of our programs. That's all of our, our student visitors. That's everything and the impact of those two hundred thousand people on the town of Abilene is actually quite impressive. So like this week right now, our hotels are filled up. We know that we know that our guests are going to the local restaurants, and quite frankly, our local retailers and our local service industry, people know when, when there are a lot of people on the campus. Think of that two hundred thousand people impacting our community of six thousand is extraordinarily throughout the year. I mean, that's, that's it is amazing. We have as I mentioned, we had the symphony this past Saturday on the first and we had, I know that we counted around six thousand people, but I also know that we miss people. So we had about six thousand people on our campus on Saturday. So many, turn the lights off down and. Over. It's just that's, that's how they work in their cell phone. I can't wait to get down there and, and see it myself. It's one of the libraries, have not been to missed a few in the mid west. I'll have to reciprocate and come. See teddy's. Yes. Exactly. Right. Will thanks so much for telling us a little bit about it. And congratulations on a great deal of end today and celebrating a, a wonderful human being a great leader. Great character, Jen wise in our, thanks so much. Thank you. I wish you and your community great successes. Well. On Hammett director of the Eisenhower presidential library museum on their events. And also just a little bit about what can imagine if we have Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum back to your calls in a minute here. I know a Jonah Bismarck Ralph in Jamestown wanting to game. I wanna I tell you about what's happening in line not today and not just in my not. But also, if you're in and around me a favor. Find your way to the Dakota territory air museum the event coordinator, Robin wreck houses, whether it's right now to tell us a little about the big day. Hi, robyn. How are you? How are you fantastic? Tell me a little bit about what you have planned for today. Okay. Well, we're into museum right now and we're getting a bunch of military vehicles in from the North Dakota military vehicle collectors association got our airplanes out in the ramp. We're going to see forty seven we're going to an invasion, stripes on. And all this will start around five o'clock then we'll fly the Spitfire also. And the p fifty one we'll fly all three. That's my kind of day celebration. You got some iron in the air, right? Yes, sir. And so also like little horse are fifty one. We have a deal going, we have the ale from above club. I don't know if you've heard about this. But during World War, Two the Brits started doing a deal with their Spitfires. They started strapping gigs, a beer to the bottom of the airplane and flying him into the troops. You know, you gotta keep up morale somehow. So then our, our guys decided that was a pretty good idea. And so they started doing it to the fifty one so that's what we're gonna do today. We're gonna beer from atypical brewery to the bottom of, of our PT, one of our fifty one Mustangs, and, and then we're gonna tap him. I love it. You remind me a story, Leo mcculskey told me about you Lee over the years. Right. What a hero. Incredible man. And he, he I forget, what he was one of the bigger planes, but he they brought some champagne back to the base one time from one of their stops and the champagne in flight the cork started popping because of the air pressure. So there are a couple of people in the crew decided to not waste the champagne and. Yeah. When they landed their flight later kind of wondered, why they're walking so wobbly. But now. That's good. Exactly right. And. Go ahead. Sorry. I was just going to what kind of your time schedule today when to win is all this happening. Okay. So we're going to start around five and six o'clock, some of these military vehicles that we got are going to Dr three of our World War, Two EROs rate, that are live right here in my net up to the stage and they will be our honored guests and our wing commander from the base and Lieutenant Colonel will do some talking about. And also the console of Canada is going to be here with Canada Britain and, and America. But, you know there were other countries that were involved but those are the main three. The beaches that they and one of our veterans was there. He landed on Utah beach. I'm on d day. While that's amazing. What a great event, you've got lined up, Robin. Thanks so much anything else, you wanna tell us quickly about the great Dakota territory museum. Well, this is an awesome museum really it is. And, you know after these guys get done talking tonight, we're going to take them up the veterans in, in the scene forty seven about him have a little flight around the city and stuff. So it's gonna be pretty nice out here tonight. And we've got some really great people coming in, and it should be cool. And if folks have not been there before where do they go? We're what's easiest way to find? You. His way is to go north on eighty three just past past the airport, and he'll, he'll be on the on the east side. The right hand side. If you're heading north on eighty three and we got a bunch of people from the base coming, and this is being live stream tonight, also.

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