Alexa, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Antonio Sanchez discussed on Morning Edition


It's morning edition on WN My C I'm Shawna Carlson Later today in the Brian Lehrer Show, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez talks about issues that matter to his constituents with the 2020 campaign season now in full swing. Plus. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney discusses the House hearing. She'll be leading next week with testimony from the recently appointed postmaster General Lewis to Joy. That's this morning, starting at 10 o'clock on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNBC right now, though, on a Sunday Thursday morning. It's time for John Shaffer with today's music note. Sana. Alexa is a singer Antonio Sanchez is a drummer. They're married, but they decided they'd keep their professional and personal lives separate. That decision didn't stick, though, and the two are now often seen as part of the others bands. Alexa uses a looping station, which allows you to create a virtual choir of voices live in real time. So even when it's just the two of them, it can sound like a sizable ensemble. They've started doing some alone together. Duet performance is like this one of the title track from Thanda Alexis. Latest album, Ona. That's Sanna Alexa doing all those vocals live and Antonio Sanchez on drums. They'll be doing a live stream this evening, courtesy of the Brooklyn venue, National sawdust. And you can get details at new sounds dot.

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