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The crowd going this will still balancing that out with a little comedy Steve Martin Chris rock was the perfect way to open the show usually doesn't put the pressure on anybody and it was almost like Steve Martin Chris rock with the fact the host there for a minute six thirty five M. K. annex of course others have different views on the big show and we'll find out what the rating this preliminary brings with it later this morning celebration of life today at angel stadium more on that's coming up right after traffic don't go anywhere six thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the faucet Jennifer your we still have this aggression about thought of seven ten approaching the sixty in the left lane it's a regular car and the back up now is almost too looks like at least Florence on this north bound seven ten let's go it's got to get the southern California Toyota dealers jamming on the four oh five which is pretty tough with the San Fernando Valley actually from Roscoe Boulevard on the south for five that's were gets tougher to the worse the slowing down of the what I want to deter freeway but pretty speech will continue on the apple site it's working without the Getty center drive five gold State freeway with does address the could be worse about coming out of the hole past of course it's sluggish between the fourteen and the two ten a between the one eighteen at the one seventy the toughest right so it's going to be from summable board out of Burbank that's we had a crash that just clear towards the right hand shoulder continuing south of there a so far so decent headed towards the Boyle heights area Brian has an update on the fifty seven to clear this crash on the south thirty seven just pass imperial two right lanes are blocked over an hour that's why you're jammed off the six there what's your past imperial a little sluggish down the Chapman after that looking good into the crush no that's not the full father Howard you two got a five car crash the level and that's why you got a back up there to the little five also knock on some of the one one Silverlake without a crash the right lane there there's a huge back of their coming up from the east LA interchange our next report is a six forty five AM Jennifer York more tropical force more often can't extend seventy newsradio sort of the one in morning in southern California we have the one pleasure in effect until nine o'clock tomorrow night the.

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