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It's ongoing i can't say enough about my employees there they have been so accommodating and so easy to work work with almost across the board you know and me coming in from outside the industry in edel being in a new to the business they've been tremendously supportive so so that's made the whole experience a very positive so far mean sure there's different you know i'm coming in i don't know much in these guys have lots and lots of experience of there's some of those situations but so far it's worked worked pretty well and i guess the other side of that is that your customers are used to seeing these people so you come into an existing business and and i would think you're able to build upon a success from before in yeah exactly so the the business has been in the same location for about twenty two years so it's so it already has it is well established the so we have people coming in and it's also now is just do it we just continue take care the customers so the things that i've done it is i have to put it in a new computer system that and that was something that again it's just it's it's it's own going but it's by and large it has gone pretty smoothly excellent well that's fantastic so talking about your location where my listeners can find you and you know are their particular things that you specialize in as compared to some of the big box like home depot's or lows yes oh were were unable to companies hook hasn't hardware we're in land tannas square the shopping centre in ho kacin worthy junior anchor so where the and if you're facing the act me were at the very end on the on the left hand side we you know in terms of competing with the big boxes i always say check our prices meet there are there are i mean i do it every day the end and our prices are competitive we're not always cheaper and but i can tell you that there are many many times when were led.

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