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Big statements laying down the gauntlet buddy big statements bank statements big al came out with the fact that it is not going to snow between now and September in the Denver metro area is the way he put it so as soon as he said that I I yelled a coup of get day Frazier on the hot line because chief meteorologist Dave Frasier from fox thirty one could tell Alfred that yes it is going to snow before September here in the Denver metro area right Dave yeah you put down a hundred we didn't we didn't actually say what the dollar amount was but usually out bets are four hundred usually their first scene out here yeah but I don't think it will affect your the bad bit well that I'm gonna be honest with you but you do do your forecast via the farmer's almanac right because that's what he's digging into online right now I'm already there yeah throw that out the window along with you a hundred Bucks so wait a minute you think that there may be a remote chance of just one more snow one two three four absolutely so how much will be more than one is that's it's less than one are less I think it's a big one LSI that you've got a better date was may twenty first last year wasn't it it was it was may twenty first actually started on the twentieth and went to the twenty first I think was three and a half inches of snow we've had snow here historically on Memorial Day may is is a slow month for us April last year we had snow on the twenty ninth of the month and we've been in a wet pattern are going back to the middle of March it's cyclical will go through dry days and we'll get pumped with the snow and if you just think about the last week we set three record low temperatures this week alone with the snow we had on Easter and Monday and again last night and these are decent snow totals to I'm not talking like stop I mean Denver officially at the airport had one point nine answer yesterday but the city had two to four inches and we had reports coming in up and down the front Rangers you know foothills ten fifteen eighteen inches of snow now these are our snowy months so that was a yeah that wasn't a good thing and I I'm gonna be honest with you I just got through making my forecast and I'm getting ready for the five o'clock news and I've got a pretty good rain day coming up next Friday a week from today with snow white at the bottom of the foot hills just west of Denver I wouldn't be surprised if that turns over to a rain snow mix or made use of the period of snow come one week from today not gonna happen this is this is no no no and so he's got these things called models but he said just west of them or not I could go even farther west.

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