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So what we do is we accuse the Russians of violating the treaty, which they're probably doing or we were violating but not telling anybody, and now we just want to get it out in the open. So we just accused them and they accuse us, and then we broke the treaty, and we can all you know, kind of do the maintenance on our weapon systems to keep them fresh and up to date. That's the only thing I can figure and then reenter new treaty down the road yet. We're updated. We'll come back to the table and have a new treaty. That's see that's the kind of BS the government's pull over the, you know, because it serves it serves to rile up the base serves to get them excited about something gets everybody's scared of another nuclear arms race. And the you know that we're all going to start building bomb shelters in our backyard. And the media will spin this up that way, and it's all pretty pointless. So in the end weaken all kill each other one hundred times over now, Detroit is useless producing more doesn't make any sense. And the only thing I can see needing to upgrade or update the current weapon systems because they're, you know, twenty years old thirty years old, whatever. But anyway, I will leave you with this. I'm gonna save this other conversation about this. This drug raid gone bad for tomorrow. Those of you who were part of the who were part of the members area heard me talk about this. You can go watch it in the private Facebook group, but I'll leave that unti-. Oh later because I don't have enough time to get through it. But this is another thing I wanted to talk a little motivation for you before we leave Matt LeBlanc who was the star of friends. He was Joey the guy who played the actor. He was an actor playing an actor on this show. And he was being interviewed on Conan O'Brien the other night. And they were telling the story about him. And the asked him a question about, you know, really how how close to being broke? He was when he got the friends gig. And I think the I remember seeing him in a couple of a couple of shows prior to him being infringed. But they were like little bit parts that he had stuff. So we really none of them had had any serious or significant career as actors when they were hired to do friends and on Conan. They asked him how close it was pretty bad. He said I had I checked and he said I had eleven dollars in the Bank like literally eleven bucks was all he had..

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