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There is no end in sight. Firefighters continue to battle more than 27 major blazes across the state, including the largest in California's recorded history. The August complex fire that plays has burned more than 846,000 acres at this point In northern California. It's been a deadly fire season as well with a least 26 people killed, including 15 on the north complex fire. That blaze has grown to nearly 300,000 acres in the Plumas National Forest. Cal Fire Assistant deputy director Daniel Berland says gusts of wind have furthered issues in that blaze and across the state. Those winds that have really been making a little bit of a challenge on a number of fires, including north complex where a number of firing operations had to be canceled. In Fresno County. The creek fire has destroyed more than 850 buildings and sent thousands of people fleeing from their homes. Some good news. Some evacuation warnings were lifted yesterday. As election season approaches, Voting misinformation is becoming a bigger and bigger issue here in California. New law, authored by a local state senator aims to do something about it by making voter misinformation our crime. Casero. W's Tara Adtran explains tweets. Facebook posts tax messages It doesn't really matter how you share misleading information about voting by mail. It's now going to be a crime. Under the bill, authored by Democratic Senator Henry Stern of Malibu, spreading false information about voting by mail is a misdemeanor criminal offence that includes intentionally deceiving voters about their right to apply for received and return a vote by mail ballot. The new law comes as all registered voters in California will be sent to vote by mail ballot for the upcoming presidential election. In June, Governor Gavin Newsom approved a bill allowing for widespread mail in voting in an effort to mitigate potential Corona virus related disruptions to the democratic process. In California. It's already a violation of state law to mislead people about the location of their polling place or the qualifications needed to register to vote for Kasey R. W I'm Tara Tree on And the second of two L. A county sheriff's deputy shot in an ambush attack has been released from the hospital. The officers were sitting in their patrol vehicle at a rail station in Compton earlier this month when a gunman walked up to the vehicle and fired into the passenger side window. Shooting was recorded on surveillance video, but no suspect has been identified. A reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to $700,000. Support for NPR comes from Fidelity Wealth management, providing perspective.

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