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For more coverage visit state farm dot com. For more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS. Good morning. I'm Pat far Nak three things snow at eleven fifteen one. Vladimir Putin is warning the US against using force against Iran saying it would have catastrophic consequences warning comes hours after a US navy drone was shot down by Iran over the strait of hormone use. U S officials say it was in international airspace. Iran claims that was fired on an intruding. It's fired on an intruding American spy drone to governor Ned Lamont sleigh. This push for highway tolls includes a small cut in Connecticut's income tax and a toll credit for lower income drivers in three, your 4._0._1._K balance may look, great by the end of the day today, the S and P five hundred is on track for a record high close after the fed hinted. Yesterday that an interest rate cut may be on the way at eleven sixteen guilty on all counts for the leader of Nexium, Keith Rene was convicted in Brooklyn federal court on charges that he branded and abused his young female followers. That rainier was truly a modern day swing. Golly, US attorney, Richard Donahue called it a cult that used brainwashing. Catherine oxen. Burg says her actress daughter was a victim. Like all the other young women who have suffered at the hands of this monster Keith rainier eight no one's unscathed, which is not broken. We're near his lawyers say the behavior was consensual. Jurors deliberated for under five hours. Sentencing is set for September, Connecticut state police, investigators are ending their search for evidence in the Jennifer Delos disappearance at a Hartford area, trash plant law enforcement sources are saying that they have found no evidence that there is a case or no evidence there in the case of the missing Connecticut mother, the search had shifted to the trash plant after GNA evidence was found in garbage bags in the days after do Los went missing. eleven eighteen ten for traffic and weather together on the eight thousand jim feldman just keeps getting worse in the bronx on the hutch george called us on the mavis discount tire traffic tip line to let us know that that tractor trailer that is.

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