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He has not have been a two and a half so you uh you now 04 beautiful diet whatever i'll throw mollah cam newton nick folz ally manning that was the real bonanza hark cam newton nick foes ally manning blake bortles and brock osweiler are your topfive this week cam folz alive bordeaux's in osweiler heath give me a reaction to the top five quarterbacks it falls looked a lot like cars and where he added four touchdown passes just two hundred thirty seven yards thick there's no way he's going to be able to do that again but i've been saying that for a while lot went so this offense just kept on moving the defense was pretty terrible but that's a good thing for bowles yeah i was pretty encouraging next week for the for the eagles uh don't tell me it's oakland at home so i'm sure he'll be a start again nick folz but it won't they probably won't be this good of a match up in the giants are a total mess liberators beyond that hunters pretty bad idea it's bad it's it's up there bortles it so i talked about this with dave last night on the radio show is blake portals legitimately becoming a good quarterback it is he just a late bloomer as is somebody that we're actually going to be excited about next year i'll reserve judgment the next you're just to see what they do without robinson because if they do get robinson back that makes it a very good receiving corps with how markedly in in dd westbrook have looked but i mean for right now you gotta buy into it it it's another other game where he's looked good and i think the nice thing about it is you know you see this with guys that don't have like a lead receiver ease making these guys look good yeah he's playing really well and they've got some good town around him um i will were reserve judgment to him by the way i didn't see a support until just now in tonio brown as a partially torn calf you guys probably do that so it looks like he is going to be out for the rest of the regular season but he.

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