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Nathan Law was prominent democracy activist in Hong Kong. But he's apparently no longer in Hong Kong law says he made the decision so he could advocate for Hong Kong internationally. Earlier, he testified to a U. S. Congressional hearing about the tough national security law shine has imposed on the semi autonomous territory, Law says as a global facing activist. The choices he has are stark to stay silent from now or two. Keep engaging in private airplane, Missy so he can warn the world of the threat of Chinese authoritarians expansion. Lord told reporters. You know what's up message that he would not reveal his whereabouts and situation based on a risk assessment. I'm Charles. The lede asthma. President Trump has made it clear he does not approve of removing Confederate statues and renaming military bases named after Confederate generals. The top lawmaker in the House has some thoughts about this as well. Debate over Confederate symbol should not expand to all historical figures who own slaves, says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I do believe that people have committed treason against the United States of America. They're statues should not be in the capital like Alexander Stephens v P of the Confederacy, who once argued that slavery was the natural condition of blacks and the foundation of the Confederacy. President Trump threatening to veto a defense money bill if it includes a mandate to change names of military bases named after Confederate soldiers. Nice correspondent, Chuck. See Bernsen. Vintage clothing store in Phoenix is trying to promote the wearing of masks, or is it Sarah Bingham, the owner of antique sugar, put up a sign reading. If you choose not to wear a mask, we respectfully request that you postpone your visit.

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