Donald Trump, Warsaw, John discussed on Background Briefing


Of the stories that this is not happening yet well of course when trump was in warsaw early this year he was the one who said we want god uh so i don't know whether they were picking up on that uh welt diesels those are the words phone calls second song oh already going back to making seventy lying so in that context those were excluding any powerful looking forward to the work that sheriff people well in their fight against communism day they were very much behind this the fact the evidence behind that these particles or the suddenly very too old ideology in any struggle a game called the cohibas will uh about trump of course 20th uh when he said that eat it in the context in which we said that during his visit he will surround it most lead by people who would extremely happy that he was bad so we people predominantly rightwing crowd with most manufactured to a point two two to welcome him tool or so so in this context um many is mater hear those words really mean something different they they they can be read as uh as uh support for a very narrow who civil right wing nationalistic interpretation of police cuts all its services to heal more liberal more openminded more kind of cosmopolitan to nationalize catholics uh cannot find themselves in in this language and and in those ceremonies um they debts was that i you know over a decree a fat and then you know that by repeating this phrase i don't know of course what they heavy mind thought i know many people though is that this this kind of links to two other to trump to john posed a second so while yang kubik i thank you very much for.

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