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Here from hair emotion and if we still but what what trying to enforce right now it's to come back to the polish downtown we have the exhibits about pose downtown guess it to us the first coast with patient so you have to all of the so called postscript intros i wrote invest come back to the neighborhood absolutely that's why the two we should have took special sound special program to coat one break a time for the post was among the post close and they're friends so if there once here for any program have the meeting what the after concert or something else they feel that they're at home and that's our goal we are the post museum where a joint effort and again beautiful stained glass the beautiful pain these paintings look like they could be in the loooove they're just met this asked there something there at the top of the polish painting and painters and this is guys i'm yours cause you miss yes done in better better very good harden has you mean show this was actually the hope to pull to chicago history it was brought over by the polish community for the nineteen thirty three century of progress pair so it was a gifted to the lesean well it went out it was voted the most popular painting at the fair because the course to polish community at that time was very large after the fair closed it went to the art instituted chicago and then in nineteen forty one of the polish a women's alliance bought it and donated to the museum so and thirty three we did not exist yet and it it hang in front of sense of building up of yes it did actually it was for what if you look around there are people display there's a picture of it at against that wall over there bennett moved over here which other large i don't hate more free folks in a moment as we continue we have a take a break come back and get the big story decker most will join us as well senator benoit around the mess in washington in the steve doctor joe continues from the polls resume america and presented i also each other so good hands when it comes to guiding you to en through a successful.

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