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And four little nobody else in double figures for Carolina white had six assists leading the way on the glass. It was made Brooks and little was six rebounds. Miami helped to forty seven point one percent shooting fourteen of thirty one from three point land canes knocked down all seven of their free throws and got twenty seven points from Chris likes seventeen from Lawrence thirteen from Johnson and eleven form the syllabus eighty-five, the final Carolina wins and overtime to improve to nineteen in four and nine in one of the ACC, Dave. Hey, sorry to jump back. I've just been interrupting you all day. So I figured I I wouldn't stop now that we're in the post game. I wanted to say during the game that things just got so heated there in the second half said it's slipped. My mind I didn't didn't get a chance to and that is that just want to give a quick word to Lisa or in Fayetteville all of us material sports network, everybody in Carolina athletics. Want to send our our well wishes to Lisa she's an Eighty-three Carolina. A graduate a big tar supporter, and she is fighting a really sudden and serious medical condition right now. She needs all the positive thoughts that we can send her way. So I know I speak for Eric, and Dave, and Adam, and Ben, and Jodie and all of us on the tar heel sports network till at least another we're pulling for her. We know she's going to keep fighting and would ask all tar heel fans to send her some some extra thoughts today. So wanted to make sure I mentioned that let Lisa know that we're thinking about her, and hopefully, hopefully, she's feeling at least a little bit better. After that a big tar heel win. No doubt. We're thinking about Lisa, and let's take a break and let all of our listeners think about Lisa for a moment here in Cincinnati, positive thoughts. Her way in the wake of Carolina's eighty eighty five win over Miami. Play the game scores and coach Williams in the continental tire coaches corner. All coming up after this from learfield. IMG college.

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