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Darlene is is built and groomed and obviously hyped up as that guy so i think i'm with everybody when i tell you how excited i am to see this kid on the ice so often was obviously generational defenseman a lock hall of famer especially after he hit one thousand career points but on one bills live today we're going to be discussing the hall of fame credentials of one lesean mccoy of the buffalo bills last season as we all know he eclipsed the ten thousand yard rushing mark for his career a lot of people are of the belief that that could already put him in strong contention for the pro football hall of fame i don't know that it does he obviously already has a new goal of twelve thousand career rushing yards before his career is over he's probably going to need about three more seasons to do that and if he does he probably is a lock for the pro football hall of fame but what we're at right now and that's kind of our twitter poll for today's show what is his hall of fame potential and you can vote on a one bills live we got the poll up right now and you can call call in let us know what you think or you can hit us up on the tweet and tell us what you think but are four choices are one he needs twelve thousand rushing yards to get in to fifty fifty shot without twelve thousand if he doesn't make it needs a super bowl win on his resume to get to the pro football hall of fame or he's good now he's just not going to go in on the first ballot now here's the interesting thing pd thurman thomas had twelve thousand career rushing yards we all know he's in the hall of fame but he wasn't a first ballot guy and here's a guy that got to four super bowls one four afc titles think eddie consecutive seasons of a thousand yards rushing multiple pro bowls he was the nineteen ninetyone nfl mvp there's a lotta things on thurmond's list that are not really on the list right now i would have to you where do you come down you know looking at leshan and knowing the kind of talent he is well first of all tell you this i didn't know that thurman wasn't a first ballot hall of fame just assumed he was the first ballet famer his numbers alone the four super bowls win or lose i would have thought for sure just growing up as a kid the hype watching the bills all this stuff that team you know without thurman thomas that team well he was the engine iran hundred percent he was and you know that so that's the pricing for me to hear but in terms of the mccoy you know we have this conversation a lot on our show about hockey players and you know do they have a cop and how important is that to their legacy.

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