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Great meeting you i'll you up if i'm ever in nc baby okay all right see how easy that was everybody that god that was a thing couldn't have been a better person it was a dream so let's do one more so how that wasn't painful everybody now that you can see that so give those requests i'm gonna try and see if blue heron ika answers i don't know who blew horon ika is cute name though yeah that is cute i'm hoping it's not a dick just a big old yell lynn around dick well listen we're women and when we land shit internet it's appraiser i'm roz wanaka we can hear you loud and maybe oh my i had to pull over i was driving home from work and i was like let me pull over get some wi fi that's my sister's name one from i'm from richmond virginia southern's east coast phone women demographic baby east coast southern so good your skin is so pretty i'm coming to look at my screen oh yeah you got a good dewey glow in good glasses she looks good thank you clear zenit glasses a from was did you see my i got my name on the side right there yeah oh yeah for an extra four dollars i'm i'm living that good life you know are you so veronica are you a honey do you listen and interview i am i have to shout out my friend sarah raise who turned me onto your podcast and i'm obsessed.

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