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One of the smartest voices. Mario Diaz Balart from Florida one of the one of the guys who has been in the trenches on this issue. He is put together over the years various, interlocking pieces of legislation. So for example, it there. There's there's secure border funding that then triggers and moves into guest worker that triggers then moves into H one B. So it takes care. It moves through an anon- shocking overwhelming way, and it moves through and it has that level of accountability. That you've raised as an issue. And I think that that ultimately going to be are gonna be I think that. They'll be that the the big issues facing immigration, including the twelve million. I probably eleven million, but 'cause people are actually going to Mexico not coming this way. But do you think that that will be that these issues can be resolved? I think they can be resolved. I mean, look we've we've talked about Donald Trump a little bit in that. You know, he's got he's a controversial. He insists that we talk about. There you go. You know, he's he's a he's a controversial figure who in some ways creates. Opposition just by him being four something. And so I ran into this on the ways and means committee where I went to some of the Democrats on the committee and said, can we can we worked together with you on tax reform because a bipartisan deal would have been better based on this whole argument that making for the past couple of minutes, and they said, Peter, look if Donald Trump is for this Bill, I've got to be against it. That's that's my politics. So we're in this sort of we're in this environment that is that is a Trump presidency that I would argue makes it particularly challenging, but be that as it may look at the deal that he was you know, that he that he put on the table in terms of the DACA students several months ago were last year where it was basically out see your three quarters of a million. And I'll raise you a million five and some of the Democrats on Capitol Hill was like we're this is me saying this. We can't. We can't let Donald Trump have a win on immigration. That would be. There was I. Offering twenty five billion for the wall in exchange for dealing with the DACA. The and the presence seemed interested in that and got pulled. I mean, here's the reality. Okay. And tell me where I'm wrong here. You have a very very. Vociferating base in that freedom caucus, and they have outsized influence over the caucus. It's what drove bainer out. It's what drove Ryan out, and it makes it very difficult for a I mean, and frankly for all of his chest, thumping, Trump is very sensitive to that base. And so when the base gets and happy we saw this last you guys, and you were there for that vote. You know, you guys were prepared to to avoid a shutdown. He appeared to be willing to avoid a shutdown, and then there was a shutdown. Right. Why? Because the folks on the right beat their breasts breasts. The the the folks on you know, in Bryant Hemant television beat their breasts and radio. Oh, so I mean, this is a problem. It is a problem. And it's and I it full pause knowledge it, and I'm not dismissing it it is now manifesting in some ways on the left with a very few group of people who are now defining. What what the what the left is? You know, the the freshman that have come in and they're not playing sort of the traditional game either. So you, and I celebrate as you have a speaker, for example on peach mint. The other day said I don't think this is the right path and and and getting beaten up by her some of her her own so she did for I commend. So I commend speaker Pelosi for for that. I commend her for. Making sure she stood up as Coequal branch when it came time to state of the union and so forth..

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