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Have you been better? Why didn't expect that answer? Because it's not even marched in the Yankees are down three starting. That was really affecting you. Yes I should have thought about your guy. Though that isn't usually that emotionally affected by your team I mean these days because you got the two kids and the whole thing like you. It's GONNA kill into. I'm not saying you're not into it but like it's not like ten years ago where something happened with the Rangers and then we couldn't talk to you for a week. That type of thing right. I don't react the way. Jj does about his team's shoe grown up a little bit. Yeah but but this is bothered you. In seasons even Spring Training Games at nine wins. You'll be fine. No they're not gonNA last nine games the elected over at one on one and a no. No I don't know from a betting standpoint now because you could lose one hundred Games in Louisville that's the thing I don't like a fantastic forget instill lose the Ben. No thanks now the value that we're going all in on the over okay. So you're what remained confidence in the Yankees. What's all in? Yeah I mean that's that's the thing what's number will discuss We'll just all lane means. Now you're five dollars five bucks. I'm all in all for the owls. It on the over these. He doesn't know he just five dollars. Five dollars well. The one thing about these And of course one eight hundred gambler for those out there. They have a problem with this. J J but j just named guys than anybody else you know just the thing about the the long play like the season over underpaid. It does need to be a significant number. Because it's basically a six month wager right so you keyed like a five dollar Al Dukes over one. Oh one is just a total waste. When betting I came to New Jersey I took the over. Giants wins for twenty dollars. That just doesn't make any sense for twenty. You WanNa go over on the Yankees to your in on these in. What is your over under number us? I believe in one and a half. Let me see if it's over for sure in. The APPS are great from a convenience standpoint. It's legal and that's wonderful but with the future of your money tied up here for a little bit. I got a Guy Guy and I. It's not legal Sir Marker. Yeah I'll throw it out there and if I gotta pay up I will down the road. Yeah this is where you need a bookie Jerry Rice. I don't have a by the way it's gone down a game. I guess probably because it was a bargain so now it's one hundred and a half. I'll still not take the one hundred. And a half mets by the way eighty six and a half that. I will hit the under on the mets. Aw Not a Yankee Fan. I am not a Yankee. Fan Hates on the mets. But I think there are a lot of things that have to go right for them to get to that number this year. One Eighty six last year. I understand I understand. That brings me to my next question for Jerry as he wants to get involved with wages here. Are we going to go round to on our pita? Lonzo bet from a year ago that he would hit fifty which he can't go. Well we can send a number of the using lots of ball touchien because we made that bed midseason around the park in eight. Brian left what did go say. What was the line balls out popping out? That's what it was. I'll tell you what let's see the first two weeks ago and then we can redo the way. We need a little sneak preview here I of what baller they use say he made the last year a month doesn't have to be fifty all right. So what number you want to go you pick and I'll throw them half way too low. It's got to be over. Forty the vet for the line as we over four. That's one of my concerns with the mets. I mean is he going to duplicate what he did? A year ago he gives you forty three and one ten. Pretty Damn Good. Yeah I guess because they healthy to see you guys feel McNeil's gotTa stay healthy. Everybody stay healthy. Yeah something. The Yankees are having trouble with it but the Yankees have depth. The mets Gernon. Did you see the article about him and he wants to be more like Keith Hernandez who talk about Lonzo Yeah. He said he wants to win. A gold glove too. We don't material to Keith Hernandez for help or is it. Just I want to be like he did. He say that he did not reach advocate. Their Nana's I don't reading the article. I don't think he did. He just said he wants to be more like Hernandez wants to take more seriously wants to work on it and Hernandez we've reached by text music to my ears. I was GONNA say maybe Keith is not interested in putting in the time that is the slight again got into his schedule compliment because this guy lives. I pulled Al Dukes. I only read the first half of the okay. He ran the headline. I did read of it and then I got sidetracked and everyone back to finish and I will do that to see if he did. Well you do that We will tell you about Luis. Severino the right arm bad old. Mangla those rumors. Oh Gee I you got to be able to see you can have a migraine unbelievable. Right for our soreness as Joe Girardi likes to say it's not what you want and for Severino. This is plagued him since last October when the Yankees were in the AL CS. Brian Cashman says. Hey we stayed on top of it though Mariah.

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