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That does safe auto the insurance company that never asked you to pay more than you have to at least that. Makes sense. Okay. Let's dive into our first song. What he say guys? Dive into our first song. Let me I'm going to ask us out here. Okay. Whenever you're ready take it away. Three. Wrong. Targeted say. And he's not. Megan you get the facts than listen to. Okay. De will too. We know he's the bed. Take back the night back. Nine. Dick back. Podcast. Wow. Guys that felt really good. I mean, I one right out of the gate. I like that. I like that. If your thoughts. I there's the take back the night part. You see that like four times do I okay? I was just in the flow. I didn't realize it's a really masculine song. Yes. That's what you're going for. Okay. Great. Yeah. Very pickup truck. Good. Okay. It's. Yeah. Hard driving. Yeah. Not messing around. Yeah. Really tough, especially with the lyric. Take back the night. What does that mean? It's just a little thematic choice. Take back the night. I think it just says, hey, we're not messing around. We take it out. And maybe just shorten the song little bit. I was thinking the exact opposite. We might want to add eight more bars of take back the night. Okay. We'll revisit it. Okay. Let's table where we got that one in the can that would feel good. Let's move on with our second selection here. A little more of a jazz feel to it to fill is taken away. Whenever you're ready. Scotching brandy. We go get down with. This in both weekend. Jake Ma ahead while ACC is your. Is a no mystery. Who's that man? In my. The one two three four back the nine. Jay. That's cabinet Vava dab value. Do j back. That was take back the night that was the lyric from the last time that we we talked about right? That was we are having trouble with because it didn't make any sense. Oh, did we say it? Yeah. Three times. Okay. I was just flowing. You know, what that's fine because I wasn't feeling. I don't I don't feel like we have enough. Improvise spoken word. So yeah, let's stick that base for a walk. Right. Get a little more of that. Little Dutch boy. Walking through the town. He's got no family left. He wants to be. Chap says the falcon. As he drives his motive carb. Oh, no. It's gonna rain. Down in foggy London. I said foggy loan. Yeah. Yeah. That's gonna mix in realize. I don't know. But we can try. Well, we've got Phil here. He he's a magic man, but he's gonna help from prison. I don't feel comfortable but making contact. Yeah. All right. Well, those are two those are two options like very much like the romantics on those are two options. Let's let's dive into this one's a little more of a pop mix to it. Something that the kids will I think really dig. You say dig right Carolina, not really say like or love or. Oh, no one says dig like really, literally, no, no one planet earth say that. Yeah. So people said. All right. Wait by the full. There's nothing to see. Drew is let's face it. Now this free. Now my back. Door at harm Taylor..

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