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This is the one occasion i get to where my mac and act phil samak had on air yeah it's it's incredible conference in in terms of who comes here it started out as a small conference center gone media it's grown much bigger a sense and you look at the themes each year and see what the conversations are going to be like there's a big focus on foreign policy we saw a retired general david betray us arrive at yesterday general stanley mcchrystal is going to be here investor richard haass of course friend of surveillance will be here speaking as well others a focus on a is this year really going to be here david kenny who heads up watson for ibm a big focus on health care a something of course it's important to the participants here and everyone in the in the us congress continues to debate what's going to happen the healthcare policy a lot of insurance it's company ceos here the heads of some major hospitals as well i sat down with dr toby cosgrove the cleveland clinic yesterday he's here to convene a panel on the opioid crisis in the us we started off by talking about what he thinks about the republican healthcare bill in the senate here's what he had to say here's that conversation we've seen the back and forth here among legislators over there july fourth resist come back to washington mitch mcconnell says gonna be belong on thursday how often mystic to call that's going to lead to changing healthcare in this country first of all i don't think the bill passed legislators worn out the hurdle off from their constituents across the country being very upset about the possibility of have having a number of people in the future what are you worried about when it comes to healthcare he has through access to care and affordable insurance but one of the big issues that you're you're concerned with right now for one of the big issues that i think we have the talk of others the health of the country as a whole we have an obesity crisis were a third of the country knows of these accounts for ten percent of the.

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