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Five the podcast bills conversations with his colleagues. And Bill also has a column at Forbes which has say provocative question here on the night that the president of the United States, Mr. Trump launches his reelection campaign in Florida bills, provocative question. Where were you for years ago, like me, probably discounting, Trump, I confess Bill when the president now president, then candidate? Well, then proto candidate Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower. I thought, what is this? He's not a politician, not quite understanding the lesson that, that's exactly what the American people wanted to so guilty. Then not guilty. Now. However, Bill are people one more time discounting. The president is the Republican party continuing its discount of the president. Good evening to you. Good evening, John. I don't know about the GOP discount to Kim. I mean, they are they're wedded. Donald Trump for better for worse to this election. It's really the media continue just count him just as we speak. Trump is wrapping up his campaign, and outspend Orlando. And I've been watching tweets reporters it's just been kind of endless criticism of what Trump has not said so far criticism, though the backdrop criticism health million. This all sounds the John that, you know, four years after the man, I came down that escalator and jumped into the race you get to the media, just don't take him seriously. They do not take him seriously. Or Bill is because the media the major media, the ones we're talking about all come from the same classroom. Are we caught out here Bill with the presumption of what you should say? And what the president should say. In other words, the class prejudice against everybody else who doesn't spend their time worrying about media headlines or criticizing CNN. Is that a problem Bill? The problem, I think the media, but just be very careful here, say the media, who followed Donald Trump, this rather exclusive branch of the media, the political media America, John. They have an idea of what the president is state, surveying. It's Barack Obama or John Kennedy or someone crafting, the photo mind, Aaron Sorkin, and that's not Donald Trump. The Orlando Sentinel. John did something rather amazing today. Hard-pressed remember this happening another election. It came up today with a non endorsement of Trump's. They did not endorse any democrat when it gets it said, what happened this election. They will not be endorsing, Donald Trump limits. Quickly reach a couple months of why they didn't mention any policy accomplishment, or lack of accomplishment, Trump's term, John. Here's their rationale. They wrote, quote enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, self-aggrandizement the corruption, especially the lies so many lives from white lies to opera told out of ignorance, laziness, recklessness, expediency opportunity, Trump's capacity flooding as a price here, though, the frequency is if the tolerance so in Americans have Ford, this suggests that the media really driven more so by Donald Trump's personality than by most anything, he's proposes president in that regard John as much as twenty sixteen election was polarizing Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump being in the most polarizing candidates ever put on a debate stage. I think twenty twenty maybe even more personality driven in this being referendum on. Trump's behavior what you're reminding Bill. Is that word deplorable? I never understood it. But I've watched it for four years. And it sounded to me from the editor you read that the, the, the class, the media class of twenty sixteen is back under lining, that, if you support President Trump deplorable, they're making the same mistake. They made in sixteen thinking that those of us who don't buy our ink by the barrel, or spend our time in a makeup room are less worthy of being listened to or have less or less. Meaning our votes less meaningful. Yeah, that's a good point. John, watch us rally tonight. There there's a difference between then and del back in twenty fifteen kickoff to Trump Tower. And this was very much a campaign that was wrapped in a persona of Donald Trump, the larger than life spectacle, that he is. So Trump Tower make sense. He is now in a politician on these doing Orlando, Florida because he needs us both. Along the I four quarter to get reelected. But John, if you listen to the message tonight, he still tapping into the deplorable sentiment. He's making very clear that I speak for you the forgotten man and forget, what the Democrats have to say about, you forget about the fake news report at the press in the back. He's trying to connect with them in large sense, saying that I relate to you Americans who are overlooked, not taken seriously are tired of political correctness tired of the political ruling class. So in very much he's tried to repeat the same thing that worked for him to twenty. Well, it's Bill. It has value being accurate. I was I feel so guilty is that I was educated. And you were to be them. We were educated to be the ones looking down, our noses at people who vote for Trump or defend Trump. And when you turn to the results of the Trump administration is textbook, Republican President, Bill. I mean, I don't wanna make too much of that because textbook and sounds like something that should be avoided, but in any event, all of the decisions that I've seen the major decisions for the first two and a half years, look very much like a Republican anywhere. No, I think you're right. But I think as we go along in this election that's can be very hard for the press. And the democratic rival wherever that turns out to be not try to make those a referendum on Trump's personality in doing so I think they're making a mistake. Clinton tried this twenty sixteen. It didn't work, and I think, again, if you try to make it a referendum on his personality. John Trump does tap into the metro electorate ways Democrats sort of media just to understand list speech tonight, it's pretty clear that he still has finger on the pulse, del that said the election is still a long time. Democratic. It's going to be, but Trump tonight, let's turn to the democratic nominee. We don't know who's going to be okay. The debate stage. We've now have the draw. This reminds me of draws that I've been through in my life. The draft lottery was the first one in any event. It's fate. Liz Warren will be on the stage the first night by herself as a candidate from the now I hear, according to the Iowa polling the demoing appalling, she at Eliza Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from. Bernie sanders. The Senator from Vermont, and a Joe Biden, the vice president, and I believe, Mr. Buddha, was also is also in the first year, they set the mayor from Indiana, however, she's gonna be by yourself. It strikes me Bill that the person who goes first in a debate always has an advantage. Does she have an advantage here? Yes. Vantage that I think she should tell her over that field. I should do very well in that there's a problem with the democratic debates, John, there really to matchups, you want to see in this group of twenty Democrats qualify for this, and that's the other listening towards versus Joe Biden, because they are you. Okay. You're logically opposite lot of ways and they just don't like each other. So it's good theater matchup would be Elizabeth. Warren versus Bernie Sanders, because those are the people are really kind of banging, the socialist gung leftist. And you think one of those two would probably be the toughest batch died in the primaries. And so the tonight's debates we're not going to get those matchups inside the public's been cut ripped off that regard. However, Elizabeth Warren is a candidate. I observe that she has some kind of momentum to move from the second tier to the first year. Who is she moving against Bill who is losing points to her? Even though he's kind of locked in rather, solidly at that, that second spot the last require politics average, I think eighteen percent he is not gaining is trailed off. So he has suffered here. I'd say Kumble Harrison suffered as well. That's also a Buddha judge effect as well. But it's really Bernie and that it's a warrant who's really kind of your pushing this, this does angry. Socialist populist, was the hardest inside the party, Bernie Sanders familiar he ran strongly in sixteen. Is he too familiar to be exciting to the democratic primary voters, nothing new here? Whereas Lismore and brings. Well, what's new is? We've never had a female president. What's new also is that she's very good on the campaign, trail Buddha, cheese is clearly new new new new camera Harris's new, but Bernie lacks newness so does so does Biden, by the way. He's not. No. Exactly a Biden's a safe alternative return to normal TC calls. Yeah. Bernie. That he wasn't twenty sixteen. This is a problem for his campaign. He's been doing this John. Well, he's been running pretty much stops that last election, edit. So he's been at the part of five plus years. And it's a little hard to hear. It'd be very seem to see him on the stage. Now, does draw the match up with Biden, so he can, if there, he take the, the social spirit of Biden, and try to gut into few will, but burn is not a very good debater. We saw against Hillary. Pass on ways to attack in the debate just bad tactics. If he well, so, yeah, I think pretty suffers from large purchase because he's just not novel anymore is also four years older, and you know what John done a kid in nineteen Ninety-six. I recall this moment, when, when Senator Dole made a speech about how he was going to be a bridge to the past who is talking about returning to a deep virtuous American values out of Kansas. The Clinton reelection campaign use that metaphor to talk about a Bob Dole being a road to the past his he's not the future. I'm puzzling, if that's going to happen to the vice President Bill bridge to the past, and people will go. No, we've been there. Let's try something new. Maybe a different Bob Dole. Problem Bob Dole. A great man. Still has God bless them. But Bob Dole said something really fortunate nineteen ninety six told Republican audience. I'll be Ronald Reagan. That's who you want me to be. Not Ronald Reagan. But he was saying, I'll try on Reagan's ideological Brown suits that, if that suits, you and I think that's the Biden, prominent nut show here he has to be. To try to run Brock Obama's wing, but he's got to come out on positions of this known like climate change, like healthcare, like immigration, really, what democrat he is. And, and it's going to try to be Joe Biden won over Brock Obama two oh. Or some sort of hybrid between Bill Whelan. He is era forty fives hosts at the Hoover Institution. I recommend the podcast. I'm John bachelor..

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