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I can't find the fucking control. Is anywhere really. Yeah that's so hard to get over here like eka boy one second hand. But it's gonna cost ryan o'neal hundred four. I'm not paying that for one turns. No that makes sense. I don't blame you. There may be a bit monetize us. I don't think they're not over one hundred dollars on on this side in the states. I don't. I don't believe so i could be wrong but i do not believe so. Everybody were done video games. So you're in london right now. Originally from tipton yes night so tell me a little bit about tipton. I looked into a little bit of it. And it's a role you know little bitty little little bitty thing so not a lot of information right so tell me a little bit about it. So maybe they like. I doubt to play. That was what was experienced. A lot of trouble from from a lot of different people like i was bullied when i was young. Let nearly forty is in school but then it got to fos. I like cates would follow me. How this this gone from like primary school grew out past Unit yet as well where you know kids. This brick the windows. Were you living your smashed windows. Literally we've done with today's paypal. it was. yeah stachel a fun. That smashed windows. That does 'cause that's one of them tried to hit his and the boy coughing dragged in my house. I came from this fucking and the a cup is compared like the place was really really nice today. And it's like you're to give back give it back to these dick right. Hey here. He told me to not try to cheer and she because year. My mom and dad sinbad window and natural gas come in it. Just like a the snapped. Yeah oh today but it's happened before like where you nowadays kids Win with around to the cool and together him and that they might be seventeen or eighteen of them. I'm gonna get mad kicked in and they see our choice. Then it's fucking terrifying.

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