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Warned everybody. Prior to the game with a totally new office of land totally revamped and most of the eventual starters were not playing in that game kendrick green I believe will be the starter but with a whole new line and a new scheme even knew off. Its vying catch it. It's going to affect the skill position players. And i thought they did better than i expected. I was positive about their performance. And and not everybody agrees but i was looking for a mindset in the aggression and The physicality the blocking you know harris will get stopped for three are gain and they pushed him for two more yards. You know you can in that. You know but i do. They never did. If the play went by one of the veteran guys we had last year they stood watch. It hardly ever even got up off the ground. They did not want to block it out of the way to the grabs in. They had to get back up. That's it's harder on us old guys so we got a lot of younger guys. Know everything. I think that haskins In in rudolph route aflaid with a little bit more starters than haskins Of course you are playing. You know the second and third string but the time has got in there but i think his first action. He was trying to be very cautious with the ball. I mean you can see his arm. I mean he he just he's got a cannon But i think he was just being overly cautious He wants the czech down Nickname but. I do think we'll see more of him driving the ball down the field as he gets comfortable but he's still going to be a project. This is third offense in the league. Right and So i think people expect him to be the number two quarterback this year might be pushing that a little bit. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a future pittsburgh. Yeah i'm i tired hard to disagree with that either. You know i. I'd say if i would rate it i'd say stock is slightly down mainly because He said shannon and everything is being overly cautious and he didn't get to play with the same starters as as rudolph and and you have so many people going in and out of the lineup. Plus there is no game plan. So it's hard to say but like you said Bryant i if the true competition for the number two spot. He's should start against eagles. So i'm anxious to see if he does get the start on thursday and and if they unleash him a little bit all right so my next one's gonna be and we'll we'll we'll start with you shannon roberts filleting last year sensation guy came in for devon bush. What do you think what do you think him. After thursday's game and people were really down on display. And you know again in the in our. It's three or four days. You're going to have those middle. I'm eggers get matched up on Running-backs crossers all the time. And and there were you know. He didn't get to fly with bush last year. He kind of replaced bush and i So this you know this year. He's playing you know first game with with the gilbert and he really didn't play with him either and sometimes there's a familiarity in they have to find a comfort zone And i like the both guys. Were trying to do too much and when you try to do too much you often do too little because you're over thinking and you're not playing his thank show and he's a various punctual player as why he could play even though he doesn't have the all the measurable and you know of the great forty time and everything like that but he's always a step ahead well if he's over thinking and he's not going to be a step ahead so i thought it was a little bit of an overreaction. I mean it every what his best game. But i've seen him in real regular season football and he and he's had some excellent games last year and so that was really didn't i'm not too concerned about it I mean w had to say stock down a little bit. But i do think that's being a little bit of an overreaction you brian just like i talked about a wanted to call him dennis. I'm sorry dwayne haskins. I'm still stuck on saved by the bell. I apologize for that. We're just like i talked about dwayne haskins you. I expect a better dwayne haskins this week. I expect a better robert spelane this week. I would like to echo. Almost everything shannon said with what he said about. Roberts bylane as well i. I don't think he looked comfortable. I i think that he we saw a lot of good stuff out of him last year. He was next a vinnie. Richie a lot last year. So this is. This is a very crucial position as we know especially with depth you know we love the depth at outside linebacker the depth that inside linebacker is not as true as we thought it was and we really expected hate. Even vince responded to a a tweet. By michael beck there. There's that name again. Michael back and responded to a tweets and michael ask. Can roberts spelane be the next great steeler inside linebacker vinnie. Bbc's cheese stepped in and said one hundred percent he can. I really think he can just like. I think i think haskins has a spot on the team and we'll play better but we didn't see it in the first game now the question. I want to know when we're talking about spelane is how much should the scheme did they let us see. And even how much do they let us see on offense as well not much. Now go ahead so there you go. As far as that goes we they might be saving saving the the rest of the peanut butter jar for week one.

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