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Plummer. It's the late Bill Leave a singer who dubbed Voices for several Hollywood stars in several films. Christopher Plummer was a classically trained actor. We thought Quite rightly, he could do anything and why you? Theater Professor Lawrence Maslin wrote a book about the sound of music. So he was quite peeved when he was dubbed singing Couple of pretty Simple songs like it'll vice in the film of the sound of music, and, Of course, the role for which she will be remembered for posterity and beyond is the one he hated the most, which was Captain von Trapp. But Plummer eventually came to terms with it, he told Terry Gross on wh Y wise, fresh air. I'm grateful to the film in many ways, because it was such a success. It is not my favorite film, of course, because I do think it borders on mawkishness, But we did our damn best not to make it to market shit. Christopher Plummer was born in 1929 in Toronto and fell in love with theater in high school. He developed some serious acting chops playing Shakespearean roles in both Canada and England. Be Or not to be After the question Christopher Plummer in Hamlet for the BBC 1964. I'm so glad I was Canadian in a way because the Canadian contain the best of the British in the best of the American school. And, uh, we're rather good at that. What kind of like chameleons and that respect for most of his more than 60 year career plumber split his time appearing both on stage and in films among his movies were stage struck, and the man who would be King even played a cling on general in Star Trek. Six. Onstage, he played Iago to James Earl Jones, a fellow And Cyrano de Bergerac in a musical version of the rust and play for which he won a Tony Award, using his own voice. Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano Cyrano Theater.

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