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And be a solid number three four five starter that was pomerance last year it was gonna pomerance is flexor tendon or whatever ever he's always got a little something to with him there's always a little something he's one of those guys that's gotta be i think this for a fact so there's probably a little too extreme to save but gotta be honored percent to be able to pitch well and probably has that but he's a horse i shouldn't say that chris sales a horse he's horse like he's got a great delivery he's got a great pitchers body he's that lefty just that perfect form that repeats is delivery over again reminds me a little bit and this is not fair to pomeranz or john lester but john lester like lester people used to say i remember watches watches release point it's the exact same all the time and that would make a difference when you're pitchers pedro about that and you learn so much when you talk to those guys so i like pomeranz but history tells us he's probably not gonna have as good a year this year as he did last year which then comes right back to poor cele what are you going to get from porcelli is it going to be as good as garrett cole the number three starter in houston or c c sabathia in new area yeah no i don't know i don't know i don't know i do i mean you i mean you really need price and sale to be great and then if you can have everybody else be pretty good eager to find yourself in a pretty sweet spot but you might actually come to think of it i'm going to change that a little bit you might have to be better than mediocre because the yankees are so stacked and your to play them so many times who then again those super teams can implode we'll see right now a giancarlo stanton was a great ad and the red sox would have been better get the yankees there's no doubt and jd martinez was a reactionary move but who else are you gonna get though.

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