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The easiest way to find this show on your phone is ask alexis siri or google to play podcasts and smokes be sure to tap subscribe on the show and will always be on your phone we love your feedback you can reach us online at info at cyp said smokes dot com our daily tasting notes while it on twitter every day it's absurd smokes and our facebook page is always buzzing with lots of us you will be able to interact with thousands of other fans on those social media platforms as well do us a favor and take the time to rate this episode if you're listening to us on wines a big helped us and we get to see your feedback as well one of our co host for joining us today thank you brent thank you grabbing my three wouldn't go and please some redneck golf you're grabbing your would three speaking of would thank you maury thank you bob i'm ready for some haggi nips for breakfast don't met the scottish and may come out thank you justin thank you looking forward to some shortbread after the rep all right and for sip says and smokes this is made ban bob and we thank you for joining us remember wife is too short to drink bad whiskey this has been a one ten handled production of cifs suds and smokes a program devoted to the appreciation of some of the finer slices of live from the dude in the basement studios your host the good old boys will see all next time

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