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With chemical ultimate within vigorous and keep on going chemical. Ultimate with invigorated BP and Amoco station. I've been fair with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter. W I b C traffic. Randy Allah Switch TV meteorologist What's going on? Yeah. Hey, there at Tony. Looks like today's gonna be another Mostly cloudy day as bar this morning that nearly as bad as yesterday morning, Lee, so party kind of watch out. Here's the morning does were on campus right around 75 partly to mostly cloudy tonight to be a nice party evening, low temperature 63 during the week and cold. It's going to be approaching tomorrow. Partly sunny, warmer, a more human day. And tomorrow noon tomorrow night from scattered thunderstorms around a couple of storms may contain some gusty winds. Perhaps a male high temperature 84 when we clear it out on Sunday, Sunday, looking pretty good, partly sunny, bit cooler, but dry and high here, Tony right around 80 degrees. That is Randy. Alice. Of which TV Randy. Thank you. 66 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is 606. This hour on 93 WNBC is powered by the Indianapolis neighborhood housing partnership. 19 years since September, 11th and we don't forget. And there will be many people say we've got more important things to discuss now. No, you don't. You have.

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