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For Hong Kong leaders in an investigation into alleged police brutality federal health officials say don't eat romaine lettuce grown in the Salinas California region because of an easy call I outbreak ABC's Mona Rivera including heads hearts and pre cut salad mixes folks have it should look specifically to see where it was ground where was harvested where's this product you know produced from Chris valid as president of the grower shipper association of central California state department documents released overnight as part of a freedom of information act request from this group says A. B. C.'s David Wright at the White House the watchdog group American oversight says that what they show is that secretary state Mike Pompeii may have been in the loop when it comes to this Ukraine issue they show a paper trail connecting him with Rudolph guiliani's president's personal lawyer you're listening to ABC news Sony's news station Katie a our on air ninety two three FM online KTAR dot com and streaming live on the Katy a our news app your breaking news and traffic for too good Saturday afternoon I'm John roller the el Mirage police department in morning this afternoon they're planning for a candlelight vigil later on this evening to remember the department's only K. nine Cokie Cokie was shot during an officer involved shooting late yesterday afternoon police were called to the area of grand in a coma right around five thirty the police chief put out a statement on Facebook earlier today it is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of our canine Cokie was killed in the line of duty while protecting other officers from harm he will be greatly missed el Mirage police chief Paul Mars okay he said in a Facebook post again a candlelight vigil planned for Cokie at the el Mirage police department later on tonight red light cameras in Phoenix may soon be a thing of the past after the city council voted against extending the current program for another year and saw this is he isn't a fan of the red light came so he voted against the funding nobody likes the red light runners but the question is whether or not this photo radar is nothing more than just a money grab that's way I see it and while he's all for photo radar in schools owns this is your till there was on his morning news the other ones aren't all that effective we've had red light photo radar and quite a few places it just hasn't proven to be a deterrent at all and those cameras will shut off at the end of the year unless the council takes another vote to extend it between now and then Jeremy foster KTAR news thanksgiving travel could be a challenge next week.

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