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Make a deal with charlotte charlotte's like no you're a goody goody and kills her bio see bernard freaks out and tries to undo move forward to trash or whatever he did last episode and ford reappears bernard says humans are just algorithms who think they're calling the shots but they're just episode title alert passengers ford bernard really want this kind of survive bernard says yes so let's get this party started let's jump to the flash forward carlstrom time line we're stranding stubs have a macho showdown about whether to save humans or find peter abernathy control unit charlotte's stubs often strain and bernardin charlotte go head for the forge where they find a louis dead which is the more significant when you see it in the real order they they finally start uploading all the data to a satellite and bernard is being on mumble these hang i killed them i made a choice in strain is like what are you saying and bernard says the them that he killed was the human data and sake you're uploading hosts that are right now you idiot oh and bernard broader back who you may ask deloris dolores is who he brought back and he brought her back and charlotte's body with craziest asan skills she kills the bellows contingent and since the host joe place will never be found and i mean of course she also kills bernard bernard four jair sweet beachside farewell where it turns out ford wasn't really there he was only bernard talking to a memory of himself or whatever not here are him dolores is charlotte charlotte charleena's i guess we're gonna call her is walking on the beach were set aside vacuuming the remaining humans and they have a winking conversation then play subs knows who she is and i guess that he's a host to shirlow or sleeves in a boat with with a purse full of brain balls oh and william is laid out in a tent on the beach also so easily around back to that first scene with dolores debriefing bernard but guess what it wasn't in the past it's the future or i guess it's the present now and isn't the basement of arnold house out in the real world and charlotte is there too and the remaking the hosts in the outside world dolores says she didn't bernard two point oh will obviously be on opposite sides of the battle the the come season three but she will let them live anyway and she in charlotte leave bernardi make his own choices and with radio heads codex playing out into the world he goes but that's not the end because we have a post credits scene glenn finally gets off the elevator and the president of the future who knows emerges into a totally burn out forge with those weird tower thing he's sticking up out of the ground and who does he find but emily the host version who's giving william fidelity test so he is a host so she was one to eighty way i'm pretty sure he's a host but who knows how long he's been a host and really who knows what matters of humans have even less free willed in the robots so read that however you want and that i guess is the question we've been searching for all season the no system can tell us who the man in black is that we have a fucking choice that was a lot too much almost you know i don't know like an hour and a half of a lot of what the fuck moments yeah we talked about this is the show is going on i mean i am as big a fan of the show as it comes and that was an awesome episode we got to we've got to watch it twice thankfully which ju just to point out that that as you know hyphen said that it was better on the second watching i i agree with that for sure but there was a lot crammed into that ninety minutes in part of the nature of just putting together this mystery box of show is that you know you're keeping a lot of secrets that don't really need to be kept secret or you don't know what secrets are gonna matter by the end as you spent night you have to have ninety minutes if people just explaining what the answers are there are still a.

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