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Pachulia final round free coming up espn's mini cons dropped up of profile breath prospect luca danni in which field that the hard rock cafe is one of his favorite restaurants love those hard rock cafe food you'd be guys what's the best theme restaurant real i'm going with planet hollywood the only one i've been to is in niagara falls ontario canada since closed down that doesn't really prove my point very well but i pick him planet hollywood because they were sued once because of their likeness was too much like hard rock cafe what they lost that suit the hard rock cafe lost that suge played what is the greatest i don't know people times valuable tie medieval times i can use my hands and rip into a twenty four ounce pizza chicken with us and some dragons which is tomato soup and here on the green warrior on a horse you know like horse horse while you pick it up i love the wenches it's not even animal's tasks i saw your wife evil ties gonna photo with the hawk that's true story visit everybody loves medieval times best sixty dollars and use your hawk i wasn't a found.

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