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7 18 Katie Radio 10 20 didn't look good for a while. But yesterday, Bucks completed their first sweep with details. Jeff Hathorn, an eighth inning, two run homer from Gregory Polanco, is the Pirates beat Milwaukee five foreign Despite hitting under 100 much of the year, Polanco called a shot sooner and then there's like a Watch. You know the one thing that you said there's something that we do in a you know, I'm about leader. I'm about to hit this boy. Chris Stratton a perfect day for the win. Richard Rodriguez, a perfect ninth for the Save Bucks are off today. Ravens kick Darrel Thomas off the team for conduct detrimental to the squad. Reportedly punching a teammate is quarterback Lamar Jackson. Mr Couple of practices with a soft tissue injury. Steelers tight and Eric Ebron back to basics in his first year with the team, but I haven't slept in a while. So as father's new is this A kind of gets practice going on down at the same time, you really tired. So school Steelers had six miss practice one of 10 NFL teams, potentially dealing with false positive covert tests. Said it was the greatest feeling having his teammate run. Adam Mavericks Loca Don church with a step back three at the buzzer. 1 35 1 33 overtime win over the Clippers. Siri's now to to Jazz won a duel of 50 Point scores, Raptor and Celtics advance Robin Leonard. The shutout in Vegas is when Bruins beat Tampa three to Dustin Johnson finished a 30 under an 11 shot win at the PGA playoff event. Nearly switching his putter before the tournament. Sometimes you just need the one you're using. You just need to put in time out for a minute or two, and then it starts working again. Kevin Harvick led 223 laps winning a Dover, Ryan Blaney, 12th. Kurt Busch gets in the playoffs, finishing 13th chip can as his Indy driver Scott Dicks and finished second under caution to Tacoma, Sado at the Indy 500. From the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisers. Sports desk Jeff Hathorn is radio 10 20. Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio morning show it Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Right now Switch your family that T Mobile and.

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