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Author is here with us to talk about these again, Gary. Hi here. Yeah. So tell us about this year's version this year, you know, like you said twenty eight years. So we remain glutton for punishment. We're we're we're very excited about or honoring Johnson Claire who is Detroit and maybe Michigan's poet laureate, and he's going to perform with with his blue scholars we're honoring the RFID boys bluegrass group out of an Arbor fifty years five oh of picking and grin and literally Frankie Ballard country singer from the west part of the state nationally nationally known guy is coming in shortly, a an alternative rock up and comer Mike skill of the romantics is doing a special performance with his and friends group. That's going to include Wayne, Kramer, the MC five is also going to be part of the Johnson. Claire kevin. Pocket. Here cabinets. We're also going to we have the mosaic youth theatre is going to do a sixtieth anniversary tribute to Motown. That's kind of a no brainer. Also no-brainer trivia to Aretha Franklin. We have Carl Phillips Carl Phillips and friends we're going to do the gospel trivia because everybody's doing all sorts of tributes right to Aretha. So we're going to go we're going to go and try to get the Lord on our side at the beginning of that film is out there. Now. Which is I can't tell you a film. That's that has more apt title. Yeah. M C factory. I saw yesterday today. I guess they boycotted Hudson's one time. 'cause. You boy. Can you not sell the MC five? Version nine hundred sixty nine. When you have the F word. The mother f word it was you know, they were Hudson was was not going to carry your album. Actually, I can see that. Now back then. There were lots of using collection of Sherry. What did you think area Aretha Franklin because you're you're a journalist as well as you know, involved. So deeply in the music world. She won the Pulitzer prize post humorously, isn't that great and one of the things.

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