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Yeah well you know i i think i'll do since we're talking about animals and then they've got the pig in the white house i'll do part three and pigs you know to great books right now the people should read are both by orwell and of course one is animal farm and the other is nineteen eightyfour and even if you just read the first fifty or sixty pages of nineteen eightyfour you'll get a good idea of exactly you know what this president has in mind so those are two of the most amazing books ever written i mean they both blew me away i mean animal farm is just unbelievable and nineteen eightyfour these are just amazing works that should be required reading of every human even if i said the magic word absolutely but joe i've got i've got into jackie before i forget that when they call people animals i get to call them deplorables and i don't want to hear any objection i don't wanna hear the high horse getting on your high horse getting all huffy and emotional and moral how dare you i don't want to hear any of that stuff because if you're going act the way you act and if you're going to call people animals and if you're going to give comfort and succor how's that for a good word had the best words are a bunch of suckers given sucker that's s u c c o r that is a best word they're giving support to donald trump they have forfeited four their opportunity and their arguments in opposition to being called deplorable joe go ahead yeah well i just wanna say norm animal farm was great because basically to pigs were ran the farm you had napoleon and you had snowball and eventually you know napoleon took over and and he was a bad pig and the pig was was was snowball napoleon and his gangsters ran snowball off the off the form and the symbolism of it all was the farmer was considered he was like big government and the polian convinced all the other farm animals that you know the farmer was big government and we don't need the government you know we can run things by yourself we you know we can have all the playtime grazing time we want we don't need the you know the the farmer tell us what to do excuse two legs.

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