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The eggs in a custom much of a slow down for you though looking pretty good when the rest of the are a little bit of slowing himself down five NCL rate where the league city way but that's not looking too bad either of course the flooding that continues on state route five forty six north the Bellingham between Van Buren wrote in new SEC wrote brutally between those two streets fully stub hub closed at this time our next report is at seven fifty four bevy Smith come address like the calm forecast from the eco roof whether desk primarily dry conditions today really helping to provide a real leave for some of those local water ways that has been flooding we still do have some flooding concerns over some of our local rivers tonight through tomorrow with those water levels expected to recede below flood stage here over the next twenty four hours tonight to early tomorrow morning a light rain snow mixture little to no accumulations or impacts anticipated cold overnight highs for Monday in the low forties mostly sunny skies for tomorrow with dry conditions too I'm meteorologist Abby accounting the couple weather center stay informed Seattle's only twenty four hour news station como news one thousand seven ninety seven seven we're going to take you back seventy five years now it was this week in nineteen forty five that the Russians liberate the Auschwitz concentration camp for more than a million people were killed during World War two as part of the commemorations ABC world news tonight anchor David your went back the electric fence is still standing from one of the world's darkest times when families and children were lined up brought here by the **** my name is tova Friedman I was five and a half when I arrived to Auschwitz eleven that night and I didn't know she was seventy five years they have quietly made new life all over America devoted to their jobs to their families to their history more than one point one million people were killed by the **** in Auschwitz nearly a million were Jews told his mother like so many others tried to protect her daughter in the face of such evil your mother never lied to you never lied to me from the very moment that I could understand maybe it was three or four years old she told me what's going on she was doing it for you to protect me and when they arrived at Auschwitz she stepped off the train soon they are told to undress her mother telling.

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