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Ram special team turnovers plan is mortar threeyard rushing touchdown with freeman ran just got on the board at a fourteen yard touchdown pass to the rookie cooper cup drama quarterback jury golf so at the twominute warning it is thirteen to seven atlanta weeds they've got the ball that got three timeouts were at their own 2003 first in ten fourman defence who front with around we'll be quarterback ryan and lagaan arms extended wata buca defensively end up reaping runs over the center of 25 ash marked the twenty seven and he picked up four i'm the play fourth man's villa ways to go for a first down your water granted starting to ask themselves success running between the tackles they put mark baron in their who's a converted safety so a little bit lighter guy suits easier for those offense of lima to get their hands on him and pushing back down the field in 2007 chuck again cradling accruing butchers smashed he was ruled that time aaron donald came through in warri in which it saw an ailment that his chinstrap his common done losing ten back to the seventeen timeout el way war they we were talking about turfed issues all night long this was matt ryan trying to plant his back foot as he was going back and it just slid out from under modern lethem there was two guys there robert quinn was there and as you said kinda caught him rear rear this new year's is right in the back of the head with that was all predicated by him slipping on the turf it was decide he was going down before the rams defenders even got the significant rain in this area in months mean months we know about the wild fires soap rain is expected but that marine layer is settling over the coliseum tonight and the.

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